Curlee takes over as Aberdeen conservator



By Ray Van Dusen

Monroe Journal

ABERDEEN – A well-recognized last name in local education took the top seat of the Aberdeen School District on Tuesday, as Mac Curlee filled the position of outgoing conservator Bob Strebeck, whose last day was Monday.

The Mississippi Department of Education reassigned Strebeck as conservator of the Leflore County School District in Greenwood.

“I really like it here and the community has been very supportive, but I work at the pleasure of the MDE,” Strebeck said.

He was assigned conservator of the ASD after the state took over the district last spring and has since made several personnel changes and implemented policies in attempts of improving the school district.

“I think the accomplishment is the people working really hard in the district. We should recognize the central office, administrators and teachers and I do believe we have the right people in the right places,” Strebeck said.

Curlee’s most recent position was in the Tate County School District and he served as conservator for the Okolona School District before it was turned back into local control. He retired in 2009 as principal of Tupelo High School and had previously served as principal at Oxford High School and has held positions at Booneville, Pearl and Forest high schools.

“I think the district won’t miss a beat under Mr. Curlee. His name is well-respected in this town,” Strebeck said.

He is the son of former Aberdeen High School principal and ASD superintendent John Curlee.

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  • Dixiechicken

    That’s great for Mr. Curlee and the Aberdeen School District!!! If any one can save a school district and it’s schools Mr. Curlee can for sure!!!!

  • Christopher

    I had two occasions to talk with Mr Curlee in his capacity as THS principal and both times were totally unsatisfying. I eventually had to go to the assistant super who took action within a day or two. I won’t go into what the problem was but at the time, I remember the “Great Schools” site having several complaints about dealing with Mr Curlee. He may be adequate in some capacity but dealing with parents about issues under his control sure ain’t it. I hope he gives the folks of Aberdeen a better return than he gave the parents in Tupelo.

  • Carroll Hughes

    Having worked with Mr. Curlee for twelve years at Tupelo High School in a
    very good working relationship, I have no doubt but the Aberdeen School
    District will grow and prosper under his leadership. He will do an excellent
    job and the citizens of Aberdeen will again be proud of their schools,
    teachers, and all school related workers. His decisions will be fair and
    balanced. My best wishes go to Mr. Curlee as he takes the reins of the Aberdeen
    School District.