Daily Journal begins digital pricing today

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Effective today, a full-priced subscription to the Daily Journal will allow unlimited, free access to the Daily Journal’s website, DJournal.com, and our mobile app.

Non-subscribers will be asked to pay for frequent use of the Journal’s digital products, and for the first time there will be a digital-only subscription offered.

Asking readers to pay for digital content produced by Journal staffers will help ensure revenues sufficient to continue supporting a strong news-gathering operation, said Journal CEO Clay Foster.

“We believe our content is of value to our readers, digital as well as print, and producing that content is expensive,” Foster said. “We’re confident our customers will understand the necessity of this change.”

Current Daily Journal subscribers should click on “Subscriptions” on the navigation bar in the upper right corner of the Djournal.com home page for a one-time activation of their free all-digital access, which includes the Daily Journal’s replica electronic edition.

Non-subscribers will find two choices – total access, the complete print and digital subscription, at $10.75 per month, and digital only for $6 per month.

Visitors to DJournal.com will be allowed five free articles per month before they’re asked to subscribe.

In charging for access to its digital products, the Daily Journal joins a growing newspaper industry trend. Most dailies in Mississippi and the region have some form of digital pay model as online audiences continue to grow.

“Our print circulation at the Journal is still strong, but our digital audience is growing exponentially and revenue from that audience is necessary to continue to provide the volume and quality of news and information our readers have come to expect,” said Lloyd Gray, Journal executive editor.

For more information, click here for a Q&A about the new paid content model.

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  • fairplay

    Oh no. We can go to WTVA Website and read the news for free!

  • GoGoldenWave

    Doesnt seem to be working yet as i have opened over 10 stories this morning with no prompts……

  • YeahRight

    I will not be paying the new fee. There are plenty of other sources of news for the area that are free. By the time the DJ gets the story put up it is old news anyway.

  • Tim

    Add me to the list of people who won’t be paying. The journals online edition is supported by the advertising they sell that takes up half the browser space. Expect your daily traffic to go down significantly.

    • William Huffhine

      Hi Tim. Appreciate your feedback. As has been the case for over 200 years, the newspaper industry is supported by both advertisers and readers. We hope you’ll see the value of continuing as a member of our audience for a mere 19 cents per day. Have a great weekend!

      • Christopher

        Isn’t 19 cents a day the amount that Obama said our new “affordable” insurance would cost?

        • William Huffhine

          Haha…not sure about that! But about 19 cents per day is the cost of a digital only subscription to djournal.com. Have a great weekend!

  • William C

    You just lost an out of state reader!

  • Rita Merrill Williams

    I’m sorry to hear this. I have been using this service for 15 years. End of an era. I won’t be paying the new fee.

    • William Huffhine

      Good morning Rita. Thanks so much for being a faithful reader for 15 years. We certainly hope you’ll see the value of continuing for a mere 19 cents per day. Have a great weekend!

  • Tupelo_Guy

    Why should I pay a fee when the DJ doesn’t talk about serious issues regarding to our State — gay marriage, marijuana legalization, or any issue deemed controversial? These issues are serious for discussion and its what the public are demanding to have!

  • Christopher

    Well it was nice while it lasted. I won’t be upgrading and I know few who would. Too many other sources and not enough benefit to subscribing. Adios DJ!

  • fairplay

    Will get my news from WTVA..Won’t pay for late news from the DJ

  • DoubleTalk

    Pay to play. Just another method of controlling news. If you want to comment on what the DJ is putting out you must pay. Good thing about it……..I imagine many will quit reading the DJ digitally or in print. I imagine my print will not be renewed. When they changed to this kind of comment, I am told it went down. I imagine this will eliminate need for comments at all…….at least on this board.

  • 1941641

    DJ News content below par, site malfunctions regularly, poorly designed overall, now strapped with access fee spells doom for viewer participation!

    • YeahRight

      Also, the articles are riddled with misspellings.

  • the_rocket

    Would The_Rocket be paranoid in suggesting that this is the DJ’s way of controlling all the left leaning comments that have been dominating the majority of the articles?
    Hate to quote a John Mayer lyric, but when you own the information, you can bend it all you want.

    • barney fife

      Well, I certainly hope not. I lean to the left & paid my dime.


    The Daily Journal has been the local hometown newspaper for me since I was born in Tupelo, many years ago. The hardcopy was never free: and no one questioned the subscription fee.
    For, what, a decade now, we’ve been enjoying a free online version. Now, I read right
    in this thread where local people feel entitled to a ‘free’ version and refuse to support ‘local’ business when they realize they need some help to stay afloat. SHAME ON YOU!!

    I’m happy to pay a nominal fee to stay connected to my home town through the DJ and spar with people online about politics, local issues, etc. More than that, I’m happy to pay a nominal fee to support this Tupelo based small business.

    From the right I see paranoia that ‘ a fee ‘ will somehow bias the news: but you drink Fox News – the biggest media giant today – like it was sweet tea. I even see a couple from the left who argue the DJ doesn’t really take on the tough issues; gay marriage etc. To you, I’ll tell you I’ve been
    sparring about gay rights for 10 years via this venue. In a way, I feel this is one of the few ways I might actually touch a heart every now and then – – wishful thinking maybe.

    I don’t even live in Tupelo anymore: but knowing this little paper is around is a piece of life that’s been a constant, good or bad. I encourage all of you to think again about your decision.

    Look forward to sparring with you long into the future.

  • Danny Lampley

    I might be willing to consider it if the DJ would deliver to rural Lafayette County. I’ve been hoping in vain for nearly 25 years. The online edition simply doesn’t have enough of interest to me that I would pay for it.