Tornado damage reports and updates; 1 dead

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Listed below are some recent damage reports. You can also skip down to see quotes from around town.

After looking over the damage reports and quotes from around town, make sure to read our latest story on the weather and updates.


Damage reports and tornado sightings: (newest entries now at top of this list)

• The Highway 78 and Highway 45 interchange has reopened, although there are still emergency crews working on 45 south of 78 and on 78 east of 45.

• Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson says there are some homes destroyed in the county and a few injuries. He urges everyone to stay home, and if anyone is missing, call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Officers are currently working to reopen some roads.

• The Lee County coroner has reported a fatality on Palmetto Road. The motorist went off the road, and authorities are unsure if the vehicle was blown off the road or hydroplaned.

• Joyner School has no major damage. Trees are down and there is some roof damage.

• Barnes Crossing Mall says no damage there, just street signs down

• McCullough is closed due to Joyner neighborhood gas leak

• McCullough is backed up with power lines down and a gas leak that is bad.

• Rotation sighting: Thomas Street, across the street from Thomas Street School, Tupelo

• Outback restaurant destroyed

• Neighborhood across from Vanelli’s near Lynn Circle has been hit badly

• Vanelli’s destroyed, Tupelo

• Shell station and Express Lube next to it by Margarete’s Chocolate flattened, Tupelo

• Hammer’s is destroyed

• Sleep-In hotel is destroyed

• Steak Escape is destroyed

• Highway 363 closed

• Trees and power lines down on Crabapple Drive, off Thomas Street., Tupelo

• Gas leak on Clayton Avenue

• Damages near Itawamba County line

• Hospital (North Mississippi Medical Center) is at code green

• Lots off trees and power lines down around Joyner area, Tupelo

• County Road 811, multiple injuries, setting up triage unit there


Quotes from around town:

• Eddie Hall, 68, Joyner area: “I thought it was a train. It lasted longer than I wanted it to, 10 minutes maybe 15 minutes.”

• Jonathon Cotton, 32, 1606 Joyner: “I was with my 2-year-old daughter Alyssa. I had just picked her up five minutes before at the day care. She was in the tub with the mattresses over them. We had a tree fall over the house. I could hear something twist and it felt it was going to pick my house up. All I could do, I say please, don’t anything happen to my daughter, don’t let me smash her.”

Victoria James, Crabapple Drive: “I was in the closet with my hard hat on. I had everything covered up, but I could hear things blowing. … It could’ve been worse. Trees are trees. Houses are still up. So that’s good.”

Elquin Gonzalez, owner of Texaco, was driving north on Gloster Street near his business when the tornado hit. “I couldn’t control my car. It pushed me into the Comfort Suites parking lot. I just thank God everyone is OK.”

We’ll keep our mobile broadcasts and websites updated throughout the night.

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  • Tom Bigbee

    Tupelo was home for me for the better of 10 years and my
    heart goes out to those who have been
    affected by mother natures wrath.
    Tupelo is in my prayers tonight.
    God Bless
    Tom Bigbee
    formerly of Wizard 106
    and Miss 98

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