Danger lurks in air after flood

JACKSON — Mississippi officials warn that as floodwaters drop, the threat of mosquito-borne diseases will rise. They say people returning home should remember that even a flowerpot can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes carrying West Nile virus and other diseases.

This week, Tunica County officials expect to let dozens of families return to the Cutoff community.

Dr. Paul Byers, acting state epidemiologist, tells The Clarion-Ledger that people should take the precautions suggested every summer: wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts, use insect repellent and stay inside as much as possible.

He also says returning homeowners should remove all standing water.

Mississippi’s first West Nile Virus case this year was reported last week in Tallahatchie County. Mississippi reported eight cases last year and 53 in 2009.

The Associated Press

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