Deas tapped for airport board

news_inthenews_greenBy Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

TUPELO – A Tupelo native with flying experience and who also is a practicing attorney has been nominated to the Tupelo Airport Authority.

Lawrence Deas has been tapped by Mayor Jason Shelton to fill the term of David Parker, who resigned last month.

Deas’ nomination is on the City Council agenda for tonight.

Parker, who left for personal reasons, was a retired former pilot and instructor for FedEx. He was named to the board last year to replace Jim Frerer, whose term expired.

In naming Deas, Shelton said, “He’s a person who has the best interests of Tupelo at heart, and will be mindful of the needs of the authority and the city and its citizens.”

Deas, 43, graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts in American Studies. He received his J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law in 2000.

He is a firm member of Deas & Deas LLC.

Deas, who is a licensed pilot, said he looks forward to taking some time in absorbing as much information about the operations of the airport as he can.

“I want to learn about the needs and challenges they face at the airport,” he said.

In regard to having a pilot’s license, he said his familiarity should be an asset.

“I know some of the people on the general aviation side,” he said.

And as an attorney, Deas said the board has to deal with leases and other issues on which he can offer some assistance.

“I’m looking forward to serving on the board,” he said. “There are some great challenges and great opportunities. … the airport is a tremendous asset. Most people don’t have an appreciation for such a great facility that we have here in Tupelo.”

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  • Cris

    gee Shelton picking a board member like himself, a bootlicking sniveling ambulance chasing attorney buddy.

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    Another Lawyer!