Delegation wants to hear spending, deficit talk tonight

By NEMS Daily Journal

Mississippi’s two Republican senators and the 1st District congressman said Monday they hope tonight’s State of the Union address will deal with deficit reduction and ways to control spending.
“My suggestion to the president,” said Sen. Thad Cochran, “is that we emphasize the need to control spending. I think the budget deficit is the most important challenge facing the federal government.”
“The day of reckoning is upon us, and we need the president to be actively involved,” said Cochran, who lives in Jackson and Oxford.
President Barack Obama will deliver his annual address at 8 p.m. In a video released Saturday to supporters, he said he will focus tonight on economic issues, particularly jobs.
Sen. Roger Wicker, a Tupelo resident and Senate member since late 2007, said he wants to hear more about job growth.
“The president should talk about what small businesses and entrepreneurs in Mississippi and around the country need to grow the economy and create jobs. I have heard from hundreds of job creators, and they say they need certainty and stability.”
Wicker added that “after advocating policies that cost us jobs, the president needs to reverse course.”
U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo, beginning his first term in Washington, said he wants to president to talk about spending.
“There is an apparent and ever present link between government spending and economic growth,” said Nunnelee. “It is my hope that the president will come forward with a viable plan that puts America on a path towards fiscal responsibility – a plan that reduces spending, so that the private sector can lead the way to a thriving economy.”

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