DENNIS SEID: Besides a Target, we could use a water park



On Facebook last week there was a post reminiscing the good old days when Tupelo had a water park of some kind.

Tupelo natives – of which I am not – talked about Grady’s having a water slide, miniature golf course and go-cart track back in the day.

So, fans commented, why not have something like that again?

Indeed, why not?

Tupelo does have a fantastic new aquatic center. And there’s a splash pad nearby, all in Veterans Park.

The popularity of water parks has waxed and waned over the years, and they’re typically built and experienced in big tourist spots like Orlando.

An exception to that would be Geyser Falls in Philadelphia – Mississippi, not Pennsylvania. Splash Adventure in Birmingham is nearby as well.

In Vicksburg back in the early 1980s was Cannonball Park. It had two winding water slides – with actual cannons near the top of the slides – going down a hill on Frontage Road. It had a snack bar and video games, of course.

One problem though: The slides were made of cement. Not the smooth fiberglass that was much more forgiving. I’m convinced that one reason Cannonball Park closed was because of the bumps and bruises that escaped few, if any, park-goers.

I’m pretty sure I still have a few scars and permanent knots from many trips to the Cannonball Park.

In the Jackson area, however, were two huge, massively popular (at least for a few years) water parks – Waterland USA and Rapids on the Reservoir. They co-existed for a few years: Rapids opened in 1984 and closed seven years ago; Waterland operated from 1987 to 1995.

Rapids was home to the first gutterless wave pool in the U.S. Yeah, it was pretty awesome.

Now if you’ve been to places like Wet ‘N’ Wild in Orlando or Aquatica at SeaWorld … well, don’t ever expect anything like that around here.

Building a water park isn’t cheap. Neither is operating and maintaining one. Imagine the insurance costs associated with having one.

There would have to be a strong enough market for one to succeed in Tupelo or anywhere in Northeast Mississippi. The number of people to support one is probably sufficient, but how affordable would a Tupelo water park be for attendees?

Here’s a sampling of other prices: Geyser Falls is $35 for folks 48 inches and higher; $25 or those under 48 inches. Add $5 each on Saturday.

Children 3 and under are free. Splash Adventure is $30 for 18 to 54 year olds, $20 for children 3 to 6, and $25 for youth 7 to 17 and seniors 55 and older. Toddlers are free.

Both places offer season passes as well.

Are those prices reasonable enough for folks in Tupelo and Northeast Mississippi who would flock to a water park?

That, of course, depends on what features are available at the park.

So now it’s time to find a developer – or several – willing to bankroll the project.

But please, no concrete slides.

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  • Brandon Lacey

    I just said this a few weeks ago! As long as it is a indoor water park, it has an astronomical chance of bringing in good business. Here in Tupelo we have dozens of hotels and residents but not that much to do. Sure we have the Elvis Birthplace and the occasional concert but this would be epic. Maybe we can hope someone is interested to invest in this vision.

  • Shannon Hopkins

    Someone started building a water park up at Pickwick but abandoned the project. You can still see a few remains of water slides on Hwy 25. I keep saying the perfect place to build a water park would be the hills across from Tombigbee State Park.

    • Beauregard Rippy

      Nah, don’t ruin that area. Build it up there at Lake Lee (Lake Lamar Bruce).

      • Shannon Hopkins

        There is a huge empty lot of land near where I live in Saltillo that I keep saying would make a great place for a private or public pool…..

  • Cletus Snow

    Point Mallard in Decatur is a bargain compared to Geyser Falls… My wife, 14 yr old, 7 yr old and I went a couple of weeks ago, on a Tuesday (1/2 price on weekdays) for less than $40.

  • Beauregard Rippy

    No, Tupelo does NOT need a Target store. DOES NOT!

    • Beauregard Rippy

      Tupelo does NOT want a Target store either!