Details set in Tiger Woods-Elin Nordegren divorce

A divorced Tiger Woods would have to keep any new girlfriends away from his children, and a divorced Elin Nordegren would have to keep her mouth shut about anything to do with his old girlfriends, according to a report published by the Sun.

The British tabloid, quoting an unnamed friend of Elin’s, says the golf star’s wife is ready to file for divorce in a Florida court in the next seven days.

Other details, according to the tab: She’d keep the Windermere house and properties in Sweden; he’d get a Jupiter Island, Fla., property and an apartment in L.A. Physical custody of the kids would be hers, but they’d have joint legal custody.

Total tab for Tiger? About $750 million, the Sun says — and Elin would surrender the cash if she decided to talk.

Even if Tiger dies first.

So all eyes will be on the Orlando County Court in the days to come. Nothing like a looming holiday weekend to bring out the big guns, eh? Then again, it was the news on a holiday weekend that landed Tiger here in the first place.

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Christie D’Zurilla / The Los Angeles Times

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