Devonda Newsome of Shannon, a senior social work major at Delta State University, is completing an internship at Coahoma Opportunities Inc

n Devonda Newsome of Shannon, a senior social work major at Delta State University, is completing an internship at Coahoma Opportunities Inc. She will be receive the Bachelor of Social Work degree during spring commencement on May 9 at Sillers Coliseum on the Delta State campus.

n Brittany M. Harris of Shannon was recently awarded a $10,000 Trustees Scholarship to attend the University of West Alabama in Livingston. This award, which is based on academic achievement and proven leadership potential, comes from the UWA Office of Admissions. A Mooreville High School senior, Harris plans to major in exercise science.
n Scholarship recipients at Itawamba Community College for 2009 include Northeast Mississippi students. They are:
Calhoun County – Kasey Nichole Dugard of Vardaman, Academic and Leadership; Jaime Gregory of Pittsboro, Academic and Leadership; Jarred K. Hawks of Vardaman, ACT Regular Incentive, Leadership and Regular Career Incentive;
Chickasaw County – Pamela J. Butler of Houlka, Special Career Incentive; Wesley Cole Edwards of Houlka, Leadership; Tiffany Love of Houlka, Academic and Leadership; Kristen “Brooke” Shankle of Houston, ACT Achievement Incentive;
Itawamba County – Steven Bo Armstrong of Tremont, Leadership; Candy Ashcraft of Mantachie, Leadership; Brandon Baggett of Mantachie, Leadership; Anna Chase of Mantachie, Leadership and Valedictorian; Daryl Jo Chumbley of Tremont, Salutatorian and Leadership; Joel Farmer of Fulton, Academic and Leadership; Kristen Farquhar of Mantachie, Special Achievement and Leadership; Corey W. Hale of Marietta, Leadership; Britany Kendrick of Golden, Special Achievement, Leadership and Regular Career Incentive; Laken Kennedy of Nettleton, Academic and Leadership; Ben McCarthy of Mantachie, Valedictorian and Leadership; Samantha Mears of Baldwyn, ACT Regular Incentive and Leadership; Marcus Ozbirn of Fulton, Leadership; Amber Riddle of Golden, ACT Regular Incentive; Gordon Chance Rodgers of Marietta, Leadership; Katie Stone of Tremont, Leadership and Valedictorian; Gregory Washington of Fulton, Leadership and Regular Career Incentive; Alaina Wilemon of Fulton, Leadership;
Lee County – Lindsey Bouchillon of Plantersville, Academic and Leadership; Ryan L. Bright of Tupelo, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Wesley R. Brown of Guntown, Leadership and Special Career Incentive; Darby Elyse Cook of Mooreville, ACT Regular Incentive and Leadership; Brittany Cosby of Tupelo, Leadership; Anna Crump of Belden, ACT Regular Incentive and Leadership; John Mark Dugger of Baldwyn, Leadership; Rhonda Hamilton of Guntown, ACT Regular Incentive; Khrista Hodge of Saltillo, Leadership; Niesha Hodges of Nettleton, Salutatorian and Leadership; Shelby Howell of Saltillo, Academic and Leadership; Brad S. Huffman of Belden, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Leah Hunter of Saltillo, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Marcus Kingof Baldwyn, ACT Regular Incentive, Special Achievement and Leadership; Katherine Mansell of Tupelo, Leadership; Courtney Mason of Belden, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Jacob Moore of Guntown, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Joseph M. Nichols of Saltillo, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Kara Phillips of Mooreville, Leadership and Regular Career Incentive; Emily Poppelreiter of Saltillo, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Kayla Posey of Guntown, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Amanda Robinson of Mooreville, ACT Regular Incentive and Leadership; Karli Denise Rodgers of Tupelo, Leadership;
Monroe County – Jonathon Baucom of Hamilton, ACT Regular Incentive; Darisha Fields of Hamilton, Academic and Leadership; Caleb Thomas Gann of Aberdeen, Academic and Leadership; Maghan Knight of Smithville, Academic and Leadership; Lindsey Leech of Smithville, Leadership; Valerie Patterson of Aberdeen, ACT Regular Incentive and Leadership; Ashley Phillips of Greenwood Springs, Leadership; Sarah Shields of Aberdeen, ACT Regular Incentive, Special Achievement and Leadership;
Pontotoc County – Collin Burchfield of Pontotoc, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; McCoy Butler of Pontotoc, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; Corey Chunn of Pontotoc, Leadership; Mope M. Clair of Houlka, Academic and Leadership; Brooke Derrick of Pontotoc, Academic and Leadership; Sallie Hester of Pontotoc, Special Achievement and Leadership; Robert Luke Peeples of Pontotoc, Academic and Leadership; Chelsea Sudduth of Ecru, ACT Achievement Incentive and Leadership; and
Union County – Brett Pickens of Blue Springs, ACT Regular Incentive, Special Achievement and Leadership.
n Vince Jordan, principal of Myrtle Attendance Center, was recognized on March 30 as a Congressional District finalist for the 2009 Mississippi Administrator of the Year.
The winner, named by the Mississippi Department of Education, was Dr. Theresa Bland Green, principal of Isable Elementary in Jackson.
Other Congressional District finalists include Dr. Roma Morris, principal of Pearl Lower Elementary School in Pearl, and Denise Wilkinson, principal of Hancock Middle School in Kiln.
n The University of Mississippi-Tupelo campus recently congratulated several high-achieving education majors who were inducted into the Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society. Kappa Delta Pi is an international honor society that works to recognize excellence and foster mutual cooperation, support, and professional growth for educational professionals around the world.
Inducted into the UM-Tupelo chapter for the 2008-09 school year are: Ashley Young and Emily O’Neal, both of Fulton, Chrystal Hodges of Tupelo, Amanda Hays of Okolona, Katherine McKnight of Pontotoc, Laura Pierce of Randolph, Ashley Sanders of Booneville, Adrain Lynch of Belmont, Kindra Chamblee of New Site, Angela Young Robinson of Nettleton, Teresa Osbirn of Fulton, Jamie Mills of Corinth, Nicole Comstock of Belden, Kylie McFarling of Amory, Cassandra Christian of Fulton, Julie Hurst of Tupelo, Miranda Wiygul of Fulton, Pamela Thrasher of Booneville, Donita Shotts of Hamilton, Ala., Hayley Harrington of Saltillo, Christy Roberts of Marietta, Hayley Rieves of Mantachie, and Shunda Gillespie of Pontotoc.
n Wendy V. Randolph was inducted into the Upsilon Sigma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Itawamba Community College on March 1. Randolph, majoring in electronics, is the daughter of Buddy and Nell Warren of Nettleton. She is married to Richard Randolph of Nettleton. Phi Theta Kappa as the official honor society for two-year colleges.

n The following students from Northeast Mississippi were named to the president’s list for the fall semester at Mississippi State University:
Ford Alexander of Tupelo, Erek Allen of Tupelo, Jason Allen of Booneville, Caitlin Allori of Tupelo, William Amacker of Tupelo, Camille Anderson of Saltillo, Kristyn Armour of Tupelo, Justin Aycock of Tupelo, Lindsay Ball of Tupelo, Lee Barkley of Ripley, Charles Baxter of Saltillo, Amanda Beard of West Point, Jesse Berryman of Shannon, Mary Billingsley of Tupelo, Gary Billington of West Point, Lyndie Bishop of Tupelo, Hillary Blaylock of Amory, Nathan Blount of Guntown, Amanda Bobo of Shannon, Jesslyn Boren of Saltillo, Stephanie Boyer of Corinth, Jeffery Bradley of Tupelo, Bradley Brand of Cedar Bluff, Jessica Bray of Saltillo and David Brinton of Tupelo;
Joshua Bryant of Booneville, Dustin Byars of Tupelo, Christopher Byrd of Corinth, Elisa Canali of Tupelo, Lianne Capaning of New Albany, Dustin Cartee of Cedar Bluff, Lauren Cassilly of Belden, Marianne Cassisa of Oxford, Edward Chaney of Amory, Corey Childers of Hickory Flat, Thomas Christian of Nettleton, Kristen Chunn of Ripley, Kelsey Clayborne of Belden, Leah Clayton of Tupelo, Matthew Clemons of Calhoun City, David Cole of Booneville, Sheila Coleman of Starkville, Daveeda Collins of Nettleton, Hannah Comer of Tupelo, Braxton Coombs of New Albany, Maureen Cooper of West Point, Tanisha Cooperwood of Houston, Benjamin Cord of Tupelo and Kimberly Criddle of Woodland;
Antonio Crosby of Aberdeen, Emily Crow of Belden, Sara Crow of Belden, Mary Crumby of Bruce, Jeremy Davis of Houston, Joshua Dillingham of Walnut, William Dodson of Red Banks, Cheryl Doss of West Point, Savannah Duckworth of Myrtle, Amanda Easley of Tupelo, Pashonda Edwards of Tupelo, Anthony Falls of Tremont, James Felkins of Starkville, Evelyn Ferguson of Pontotoc, Daniel Fisher of Aberdeen, Melissa Gaskin of Aberdeen, Keely Gault of Tupelo, Jenny Gentry of Baldwyn, Megan Gibson of Tupelo, Whitney Gill of Oxford and Curtis Glidewell of Corinth;
Susan Goldman of Booneville, Kenne Goolsby of Ripley, Leslie Gray of New Albany, Carmen Griffin of Pontotoc, Cody Guthrie of West Point, Caroline Halford of Oxford, John Hall of Tiplersville, Kalee Hall of New Albany, Morgan Hall of Tupelo, Amber Hamilton of Ecru, April Hazzle of Aberdeen, Matthew Herndon of Aberdeen, Kayla Hester of Nettleton, Jared Hight of Corinth, Marilyn Hill of Tupelo, Nathan Holbrook of Holly Springs, Sherry Holt of Corinth, Anna Hood of West Point, Hollie Howle of Oxford, Heather Hudson of Thaxton, Shane Huff of Corinth, Chelsea Hussey of Tupelo, Mallorie Hutcheson of Pontotoc and Joseph Ingle of Nettleton;
Erika Ivy of Tupelo, Kelsey Jack of Starkville, Anna Jackson of Tupelo, Jessica Joblin of Tupelo, Anna Johnson of Booneville, Callie Johnson of Tupelo, Andrew Jones of Corinth, Timothy Jones of Starkville, Elizabeth Joslin of New Albany, Catherine Kellum of Belden, Catherine Kennedy of Starkville, Paige Kennedy of Tremont, Samuel Kitchens of New Albany, Aislinn Kopp of Houlka, Anna Lambert of Corinth, Lisa Lamberth of Tupelo, Bobby Lee of Nettleton, Meredith Lee of Tupelo, Bryan Letson of Guntown, Leslie Little of Corinth, Laura Loftin of Tupelo, Meredith Loftin of Holly Springs, Audra Long of Pontotoc and Brittany Massey of Fulton;
Jennifer Matthews of Tupelo, Philip Matthews of Tupelo, Catherine McCullen of Corinth, Carrie McKinney of Corinth, Courtney Meeks of Corinth, Edmund Miller of West Point, William Mitchener of West Point, Tami Montgomery of Saltillo, Tobi Montgomery of Saltillo, Laura Moore of Tupelo, Rebekah Moore of West Point, Michael Moran of Starkville, Gracey Morgan of Michigan City, Tara Morgan of Tupelo, Mary Morris of Fulton, Zachary Myers of Plantersville, Anna Nelson of Houston, Nathan Nunnelee of Tupelo, Erica Owen of Red Banks, Lynn Palmer of Amory, Summer Parker of Tupelo, Anne Parks of New Albany and Kishan Patel of Amory;
Carole Pearson of West Point, Codi Phillips of Tupelo, Hollie Phillips of Corinth, Megan Pope of Amory, Sarah Prather of West Point, Mary Presley of Oxford, Leanna Pruett of Aberdeen, Lauren Purnell of Tupelo, Lindsay Purnell of Tupelo, Raymond Purnell of West Point, Christopher Rakestraw of Tupelo, Henry Randle of Aberdeen, Kate Rather of Tupelo, Ashley Ray of Blue Springs, Anna Reed of Tupelo, Thomas Remkus of Baldwyn, Michael Riley of Nettleton, Nicole Rinaldi of Tupelo, Lindsay Robinson of Tupelo, Mavis Robinson of Holly Springs, William Scott of Sherman, Kelsey Shanklin of Corinth, Anna Sharp of Corinth and Shana Sheffield of Saltillo;
John Skinner of New Albany, Kristin Smith of Corinth, Leann Smith of Baldwyn, Jessica Snow of Holly Spring, Joseph Spearman of Tupelo, Corie Stanford of Saltillo, Jacob Stein of Saltillo, Marley Stewart of Pontotoc, Lacey Stone of Belden, Jason Street of Starkville, Renee Strickland of Glen, Lori Swords of Sherman, Robert Taylor of Booneville, Harold Teasler of Algoma, Jennifer Terrill of Fulton, Britney Thomas of Starkville, Jack Thompson of Booneville, Margaret Tidwell of Oxford, Sarah Trautman of Nettleton, Kayte Tribble of West Point, Joshua Tucker of Tupelo, Jasmin Tuggles of Holly Springs, Fred Tull of Corinth and Alexis Valsamakis of Aberdeen;
Mari VanBuskirk of Belden, Kristy Wallis of Corinth, Season Ward of Corinth, Lee Wedel of Okolona, Randall Weems of West Point, Antionette Welch of Calhoun City, Jonathan Wesson of Mantachie, Amy West of Tupelo, Gregory Wheeler of Saltillo, Lauren Wilkins of Tupelo, Jeffrey Williams of Corinth, Mark Williams of Holly Springs, Katy Witt of Pontotoc, Adam Woodyard of Starkville, Diana Worthy of Amory, Edward Wunder of Starkville, Lauren Yager of Corinth and Anna Young of Saltillo.
n These Northeast Mississippi students were named to the dean’s list for the fall semester at Mississippi State University:
Brandon Abbott of Amory, Kenneth Anderson of New Albany, Brian Asa of Saltillo, Hannah Avery of Amory, Shawn Ayers of Corinth, Timothy Baggett of Corinth, Brian Barnes of Tremont, Stacey Barnett of Corinth, Marley Bass of Pontotoc, Joshua Bates of Corinth, Justin Bates of Blue Mountain, Dustin Black of Booneville, Anne Blair of West Point, Patrick Bland of Belden, Charlotte Boerner of Tupelo, Amy Bowling of Corinth, Karen Boyette of Baldwyn, Tiffany Brady of Ripley, Bryn Brazile of Baldwyn, Willie Brewster of New Albany, Cayla Brooks of Van Vleet, Clara Brooks of Van Vleet, Jeffery Brown of Booneville, Lynsee Brown of Starkville and Brent Brownlee of Oxford;
Alan Bryson of Tupelo, Lindsay Bullock of Ripley, Kevin Burdine of Starkville, Greggory Burk of Ecru, Jake Camp of Mantachie, Jason Camp of Starkville, Jessica Campbell of Potts Camp, Megan Campbell of Corinth, Jacqueline Capps of Tupelo, Cody Carson of Aberdeen, Anne Carter of Shannon, Kayla Chism of New Albany, Margaret Christopher of Starkville, Arceto Clark of Verona, William Coggin of Starkville, Carlos Cole of West Point, Jessica Collins of Shannon, Sammantha Craft of West Point, Johnny Crane of Fulton, William Creekmore of Starkville, Lindsey Crenshaw of Belden, Olivia Cummins of Mississippi State and Jamal Daher of Baldwyn;
Christopher Daniel of Houston, Stephen Dill of West Point, Whitney Dubois of Tupelo, Jordan Earnest of Woodland, David Easley of Cedar Bluff, Mollye Eaton of Tiplersville, Jordan Eldridge of Tupelo, Brandon Emison of Tupelo, Autumn Essary of Corinth, Robert Evans of Aberdeen, Whitney Fikes of Tupelo, Lindsey Finn of Houston, Sara Fletcher of Tupelo, James Fly of Starkville, Trelinda Foster of New Albany, William Freeman of Corinth, Andrew Gardner of Smithville, Timothy Gatlin of Tupelo, Priscilla Giachelli of Blue Springs, Lauren Gillespie of Pontotoc, Kelly Glasgow of Oxford, Zachary Golson of Starkville, Lindsay Goodson of Tupelo, Jonathan Green of Booneville and Joseph Green of Booneville;
Richard Grier of Corinth, Kayla Gunn of Tiplersville, Charles Gusmus of Tupelo, Rosanne Haas of Tupelo, Laura Hamm of Tupelo, Ashley Hampton of West Point, Lawrence Hancock of Tupelo, Lauren Hankins of Ripley, Erica Harvell of Baldwyn, Elaine Hatch of Oxford, Kalea Henry of Corinth, Daniel Hicks of Belden, Justin Hicks of Pontotoc, Darden Holmes of New Albany, Nancy Hoover of Walnut, Amanda Howell of Rienzi, David Howell of Rienzi, Sara Huddleston of Baldwyn, Jennifer Hudson of Blue Springs, Justin Hughes of Okolona, Christie Hurt of Corinth, Kellyn Irvin of Hamilton, Philip Ivancic of Tupelo and Candance Jackson of Belden;
Morgan Jeter of Corinth, Diamber Johnson of Pontotoc, James Johnson of Ripley, Crystal Jones of Houston, Cody Jordan of Tupelo, Elizabeth Kellum of Belden, Adam Littlefield of Ecru, Justin Logan of Amory, Kevin Lynch of Byhalia, Joseph Maclean of West Point, Michael Maddox of Corinth, Antonio Magee of Okolona, Erissa Mathis of Houlka, Edward Maxwell of New Albany, Kristen McClellan of Tupelo, Brittany McGaha of Myrtle, Anna McNeece of Fulton, Ashley Michael of Tupelo, Susan Michael of Aberdeen, Travis Miles of Tupelo, Matthew Mistilis of Oxford, Molly Moon of Amory and Blakley Moore of Tupelo;
Stacy Morris of Tupelo, Mary Munlin of Houston, Michael Murphy of Woodland, Jennifer Narcy of Starkville, Randi Nash of Tupelo, Marissa Nickels of Belden, David Null of Walnut, Emily Nunnelee of Tupelo, Alison Ogg of Shannon, Blake Ormon of Hickory Flat, Anna Oswalt of Fulton, Thad Oswalt of Houston, Meghan Owen of Starkville, Sarah Panlener of Oxford, Erica Pannell of Tupelo, Rita Parker of Corinth, Justin Pitner of Booneville, Meredith Pittman of Starkville, Michael Pittman of Tupelo, Tammy Pointer of Starkville, Crystal Powell of West Point and Marianna Prather of West Point;
Brittany Pruett of Tupelo, Dustin Randle of West Point, James Randle of Amory, Tori Ratliff of Amory, Jeffrey Rea of Nettleton, Jessica Redd of Tupelo, Marneshia Richard of Lamar, Earon Roberson of Ripley, John Robertson of West Point, Katherine Robinson of Tupelo, Kristopher Robinson of Tupelo, Tony Roe of Tupelo, Amber Rolison of Corinth, John Rollins of Starkville, Margaret Roy of New Albany, Lane Russell of Tupelo, William Sanders of Randolph, Amber Scott of Tupelo, Tyler Scott of Vardaman, Derrick Sharp of Plantersville, Tabitha Sheffield of Tupelo, Krista Sherman of Oxford and William Simmons of Pontotoc;
Candace Smith of Plantersville, Dustin Smith of Corinth, Jock Smith of Tiplersville, Joy Smith of Amory, Quartavian Smith of Aberdeen, Valerie Smith of Ashland, William Sneed of Tupelo, Grahame Snider of Oxford, Amie Spearman of Starkville, Brittany Spencer of Booneville, Emily Stacy of Booneville, Lydia Stegall of Pontotoc, Kayla Stone of Baldwyn, Kimberly Stone of Booneville, Rico Street of Byhalia, Tempestt Stricklin of Ripley, Cody Stroupe of Ripley, Lynsey Stubblefield of Ripley, Fatima Suarez of New Albany, Ashlie Swindol of West Point, Katherine Swindoll of Oxford, Justin Taylor of Corinth, Jamaca Thomas of Baldwyn and Lauren Thomas of Fulton;
Rebecca Thompson of Holly Springs, Holly Thurmond of Ripley, Walter Tillman of West Point, Sandra Townsend of Prairie, Emily Traylor of Starkville, Marcus Tucker of Hamilton, Michael Vance of Starkville, Caitlin Voyles of Corinth, Joshua Walden of Corinth, Garret Weathers of West Point, Russell Whitten of Corinth, Allison Wilkins of Corinth, Brittany Williams of Oxford, Randy Williams of Rienzi, Sarah Williams of Aberdeen, Daniel Wilson of Hamilton, Joshua Wilson of Ripley, Kortney Wilson of Hickory Flat, Kelli Wooten of Bruce and Bradley Young of Corinth.
Honor rolls
n Mike Tonos 4/1/09 These students were named to the honor roll at Belmont Elementary School for the third nine weeks grading period.
First Grade
n All A’s: Rileigh Enlow, Auston Horton, Aaden Kay, Lisette Merino, Lydia Miller, Kasey Paden, Chase Thompson, Laine Tribble, Mario Aguirre, Nicholas Campbell, Leo Fabian, Jeremiah Henry, Lauren Jarrell, Lydia Liles, Lawson Poole, Anna Ruple, Kristin Ruple, Isabella Russell, Austin Steele, Madisyn Armstrong, Hunter Carnathan, Gracie Crane, Marly Credille, Dezamay Davis, Maggie Hogue, Brody Howell, Lindsay Peppers, Ana Ramirez, Aly Williams, Wesley Wiltshire, Kennedy Credille, Ashelin Hardin, Eli Hogan, Isabelle Holcomb,Ethan McDonald, Dakota Osbirn, Sydny Starling, Loren Whitehead, Brady Wood, Kayden Woodard, MariJo Grubbs, Marinee Lara, Brianna Hall, Sam Horn, Bryce Jackson, Maggie Ledbetter, Marlie McClung, Ethan Pierce, Abby Shook, Mason Thompson, Vital Toro, PJ Underwood.
n A’s and B’s: Glen Harvey, Madison Thompson, Kevin Shewbart, Marcos Trujillo, Bryan Gonzalez, Christian Harris, J.J. Moore, Samantha Searcy, Hannah Pounders.
Second Grade
n All A’s: Maycee Chambers, Colby Ginn, Shantel Lynch, Bailee Ozbirn, Jared Rodriguez, Lakyn Sparks, Katherine Adams, Brady Denson, Katonia McKinney, Doug Messer, Kaitlyn Moody, Cesar Osorio, Marly Parrish, Micaela Stevens, Summer Wheelington, Trey Williams, Jacob Witcher, Madison Basden, Madison Edmondson, Ana Lise Moore, Joshua Oliver, Karmen Payne, Diana Salinas, Dylan Deaton, Savannah Garrison, Caroline Gross, Chloe Hammock, Danelly Hernandez, Emily Hopper, Dana Malone, Presley-Anna Mitchell, Lizzie Phillips, Kevin Pineda, Brackston Shaw, Grayson Witt.
n A’s and B’s: Kaitlyn Deaton, Elizabeth Gray, Jayde Ivey, Kel Koger, Carlee Page, Samantha Steele, Jessica Styles, Selena Castro, Stefany Gilliland, Alexis Romero, Connor Tucker, Lauren Watson, Parker Bolton, Jacob Donaldson, Hannah Dutter, Belle Moody, Katleyn Newcomb, Ashton Oliver, Alex Norman, Jonathan Aguirre, Jeffery Lambert, Jorge Martinez, Zaria Pope, Faith Storment.
n All B’s: Aaron Aldridge.
Third Grade
n All A’s; Hunter Credille, Madeline Eaton, Madison Orrick, Jesus Rodriguez, Peyton Brooks, Joseph Howell, Brianna Jaudon, Tess Moore, Lance Pardue, Anna Pounds, Ashton Swader, Michaela Wigginton, Madalyn Huffman, Wendy Lara, Jordan Parker, Alivia Rooker, Conner Allison, Chloe Kelton, Taylor Parker, Claire Maroon, Alejandro Rivera, Nathan Scott, Skylar Maxwell.
n A’s and B’s: Channa Caldwell, Eden Howell, Tanner Ginn, Logan Humphries, Rhett Martin, Mason Patterson, Kirk Sparks, Chad Stephens, Cody Vick, Savanna Cleveland, Treton Davis, Roberto Garcia, Brittany Newcomb, Will Pharr, Hailey Garrison, Laken Jackson, Emma Mahan, Kaitlyn McVey, Skylar Robinson, Alex Taylor, Alex Sparks, Austin Smith, Leia Henry, Israel Garcia, Shyann Haithcock, Hannah Johnson, Rigoberto Garcia, Ben Hall.
Fourth Grade
n All A’s: Kole Montgomery, Emily Morphis, Jeffrey Rodriguez, Ethan Stanfield, Braden Wells, Brooke Thompson, Kaleb Higginbottom, Kristen Howell, Parker MIddleton, Gabriela Nieto-Hale, Caine Page, Morgan Pierce, Carly Ramsey, Sofia Alvarez, Jeremiah Hughes, BreAnna Lynch, Nathan Pardue.
n A’s and B’s: Whitney Guyton, Sarah Moody, Karli Tribble, Austin Caldwell, Devan Dunlap, Jennifer Ivey, Kimberly Shook, Kyle Sparks, Allyissa Thomas, Garrett Thorn, Harison Bell, Bailey Credille, Coby Eaton, Bailee Lindsey, Marlee Malone, Peyton Reeves, Jake Coker, Marcela Garcia, Logan Massey, Colin Peppers, Layla Rinehart, Ethan Sparks, Alex Taylor, Katelyn Tessener.
n All B’s: Will Leathers, Francisco Rodriguez, Cade Haney, Gaige Shearon, Chandler Rasko.

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