Dickey’s credibility issues continue to mount



By Robbie Ward

Daily Journal

TUPELO – Credibility issues continued to grow for the 1st Congressional District’s Democratic nominee after the university where the candidate claimed to have graduated wouldn’t confirm his academic credentials.

The latest issue comes just days after Flemron “Ron” Earl Dickey of Horn Lake clarified that his military service never included the elite Green Beret special forces.

Dickey claims to have graduated in 2012 from Grand Canyon University with a bachelor of science degree in emergency management. Nick Knudson, GCU alumni events and promotions manager, confirmed Dickey’s attendance at the university. However, the university’s records showed no one with Dickey’s name with a diploma from the institution.

“We did our research and are unable to confirm his graduation status,” Knudson told the Daily Journal.

Dickey has backtracked on statements since last week describing himself as a “Green Beret veteran.” While he never served in the Army’s special forces, Dickey did wear a green beret as a military cook.

In November, voters will decide whether to support Dickey’s bid to unseat incumbent Republican U.S. Rep. Alan Nunnelee, who faces two other challengers. The Democrat’s campaign focus has shifted in recent days from support for liberal issues to defending more claims.

Dickey describes himself in social media posts as an Operation Desert Storm veteran. Dickey’s own military records conflict with that claim, showing him cooking in Korea during the military conflict.

Angry military service members and supporters from throughout the country and beyond have created an online bullhorn to shout down the political candidate’s personal claims.

Even Rickey Cole, executive director of the Mississippi Democratic Party, seemed to distance himself from the party nominee.

“We repudiate any dishonest or misleading statements made as part of any Democratic candidate’s campaign,” Cole said Monday evening. “We expect Democratic nominees to stick to the facts.”

One fact seems to work in Dickey’s favor. While the DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department did arrest him in 2012 on accusations of a felony bad check, the Army veteran never received a felony conviction.

Dickey never responded Monday to Daily Journal questions emailed at his request.

“I’ll respond just as soon as I get them,” he said.


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  • willerz

    If the people of District one vote this guy in, or Nunnelee, it just proves that the system is broken. This guy is a proven liar, and Nunnelee isn’t physically able to do the job because of his medical reasons. This is the chance for Mississippi to show the rest of the nation that we aren’t happy with the status quo. It’s time to vote for one of the third party or independant candidates!

  • jwmort

    Looks like the Libertarian candidate (Danny Bedwell) is the only logical choice for D1. How can you elect a man who is physically unable to perform his duties and another who has “embellished” (I won’t say “lie about”) his record in numerous categories. Might be time to give the Libertarians a chance to represent D1.

    • Michael Maynard

      No, he lied. It’s as simple as that. He lied about being a Special Forces veteran with combat service in Desert Storm. He lied about contracting Gulf War Illness in Southwest Asia. He lied about receiving a degree from Grand Canyon University.

  • Mario N-Elizabeth Barnes

    Perhaps the Journal should do some research on Danny Bedwell. If it appears he is the only viable candidate, they should give him some attention. The public is interested, I am interested.

    • jwmort

      The Journal thinks there are only 2 political parties in the race. They are thinking either a “R” man, who is probably never going to see D.C. again, or a “D” man, who embellished his record close to being “stolen valor” will be in that seat in November. I think that’s just poor journalism, when a clear choice is right in front of them. Come on Journal … show some spine and ENDORSE the Libertarian.

  • Michael Maynard

    I wonder how Dickey will try to spin it now. He knows he wasn’t a Special Forces soldier. He knew that calling himself a “Green Beret” veteran would lead the public to believe he was in SF. He lied about Desert Storm combat as a Special Forces soldier and he also lied about contracting Gulf War Illness in Southwest Asia, a part of the world he was never in. That last part is especially egregious seeing that he received free job training from the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation based on his GWI claim. I hope a prosecutor is seeing all this and will look into the possibility of fraud by Dickey. The best thing Dickey can do is bow out of the Congressional race and disappear back into the sewer he slithered out of.

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