Dorsey native appears on TLC show

By Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

For most brides-to-be, the prospect of preparing for a wedding and all the stuff it entails would likely be more than enough excitement.
But, Dorsey native and Itawamba Agricultural High School graduate Andi Burrows Alexander got a little something extra with her wedding preparations: A spot on her favorite television show, “Say Yes to the Dress.”
The clip aired Friday on TLC.
The show centers around the employees of Kleinfeld Bridal in New York City and follows them as they help women find their perfect wedding dresses. It is one of TLC’s most popular programs and Alexander’s favorite show.
“I watch it all the time,” she said, quickly adding, “Religiously.”
Alexander said during a trip to New York City in early 2010, she and her then-fiance, Quentin, dropped by Kleinfeld Bridal to take a couple of photographs near the storefront.
But Quentin wasn’t content with outside shots; completely ignoring the signs warning that filming was in progress, he pushed on into the store, pulling Alexander behind him.
To her surprise, the employees of the store and television crew asked if she’d like to be featured on the show. Her response was a little less surprising.
“I lost it. I just started crying and shaking,” she said.
The caveat was that she had to pick out her wedding dress then and there. Knowing her mother might be upset, she placed a phone call home to tell her the news.
“My mom just went crazy,” she said. “I think if I had gone dress shopping somewhere around town without her she would be upset about it. But under these circumstances, she was thrilled.”
The process of choosing a dress was surprisingly quick. She picked the second one she tried on. After selecting a dress, the couple was told they would be notified in April if their segment was selected to air on television.
They were married in May with nary a word from TLC. Convinced the segment wasn’t chosen, the couple filed the experience away as a fun story to share with friends and family.
“Everybody has been continually asking us when we’re going to be on the show, but we figured we just weren’t chosen,” Alexander explained.
But more than a year later, she received a call from her mother: TLC had misplaced her contact information, but found her mother’s. The segment was going to run after all.
Once again, Alexander couldn’t be more thrilled.
“We’re all very excited,” she said, then added, “although, I’m a little nervous about being on television.”

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