Drainage problems plague Starkville neighborhood

By The Associated Press

STARKVILLE – City officials will ask the government to approve a plan to fix drainage problems in a northwest Starkville neighborhood.

The Starkville Daily News reports that the board of aldermen authorized the city engineer to pursue Federal Emergency Management Agency approval for a Carver Drive channel restoration project.

Local residents have complained that sewage backs up into their yards.

Carver Drive is surrounded by a drainage ditch that acts as a catch area for the drainage basin of northwest Starkville. For years, the problems there have been a topic of discussion for residents and city officials.

Officials said Tuesday funding will be only be authorized if FEMA approval is given to project.

In City Engineer Edward Kemp’s October 2011 cost summary for Carver Drive drainage improvement options, channel restoration had a price tag of $175,000 — the least expensive option of 10.

If FEMA approves, the storm water channel restoration would extend 500 feet from the intersection of Carver and Hiwassee Drive.

Alderwoman Sandra Sistrunk said storm channel restoration was the best option because it is cost effective and consistent with similar projects the board has voted on previously.

“This particular board has chosen open channels, erosion control and stabilization as the method we were going to handle other ditches in the community,” Sistrunk said. “I am absolutely supportive of finding a solution to the problem of the ditch at Carver Drive, but I would like it to be a cost-effective solution. Channel restoration is that, and I would like to be consistent with what this particular board has done.”

Alderman Henry Vaughn said he was support an option of piping and covering the ditch.

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