EDITORIAL: Ed Thompson, M.D.

Death robbed Mississippi of an esteemed public servant and meticulous professional on Tuesday when Dr. Ed Thompson, State Health Officer, died of colon cancer.
Thompson, straightforward and passionate about the quality of public health practice and services in our state, served two distinguished tenures, 1993 to 2002, and from 2007 until his death.
He was no-nonsense, passionate and tireless in efforts to make Mississippi, a state with always-scarce resources, a leader in public health progress. He notably achieved the highest immunization rates in the country, lowered the syphilis rate below the national average, succeeded in lowering infant mortality and mobilized public opinion.
He was a brilliant scientist, formerly serving in the highest echelons of the federal Centers for Disease Control and as a chairman of preventive medicine at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine.
Ed Thompson was man of integrity, and his character shaped the work he accomplished.

NEMS Daily Journal

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