EDUCATION: Career & technical classes pilot Order Up! project


The Career & Technical Department at New Albany High School (NAHS) piloted a new project on November 1. The project, “Order Up!” involved all programs and classes in the Career & Technical Department. The real-world, hands-on event allowed students the opportunity to put into practice what they had learned in the classroom setting and see a full project through fruition.

“The main goal of the project was to use it as a promotional and recruiting tool,” said John Ferrell, NAHS Assistant Principal/Vocational Director. “We want to get information out into the community what our students are doing and what our programs are about.” Ferrell also added that he hopes the projects will encourage more people to come into the Career & Technical facility so they can see all of the impressive equipment and technology in place.

The Career & Technical programs participated in the following ways on the “Order Up!” project:

Culinary Arts/Anita Alef, Instructor: Developed menu and prepared food.
Health Science/April Voyles, Instructor: Prepared eating utensil kits which included healthy lifestyle tips.
Business & Marketing/Alison Moore, Instructor: Conducted complete marketing campaign; created flyers; tallied orders.
Digital Media Technology/Mallorie Biffle, Instructor: Provided media coverage.
Drafting/Kevin Wigington, Instructor: Designed portable dine-out cart to use in spring.
Construction Trades/Rick Robbins, Instructor: Building portable dine-out cart to use in spring.
STEM/Jalon Bullock, Instructor: Worked with students on financial aspects of the project; developed QR code and created labels for carry-out boxes.
AEST/Bert Anderson, Instructor: Plans to use greenhouse to grow vegetables to use for spring meals.
Auto Mechanics/Jonathan Ridgeway, Instructor: Assisted with take-outs and parking.
Engineering/Latrina Bynum, Instructor: Designed packaged and assembly line.
Family & Consumer Sciences/Nannette Ballard, Instructor: Table decorations for dine-in patrons.
Early Childcare/Kimberly Langley, Instructor: Designed display board and information sheets about programs available at Career & Techical Center.
Special Populations/Susan Feather & Christy Paul: Assisted with deliveries and collection of money.
Ferrell said that the November 1 project went really smooth with more than 200 plates sold. He said that the target patrons were school district employees and bank employees. The goal is to do the project more often during the second semester, perhaps on a monthly basis. Ferrell also added that he hoped to be able to target more businesses in town so that more people would have the opportunity to see what Career & Technical students are doing in their classes.

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