Nettleton Schools’ accreditation could be restored

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal NETTLETON – The Nettleton School District should have its full accreditation status restored next month,...

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal TUPELO – Lee County School District teachers will use grant money to purchase iPads, take students on field trips and add graphing calculators to their classrooms. ExPECT announced on Tuesday it will fund 20 grants this year totaling $28,659.81. Exceptional Progress in Education through Curriculum and Technology, or ExPECT, is […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal As Mississippi tries to better prepare its youngest children for kindergarten, one of the most important places for it to start is its private child care centers. More than 50,000 of the state’s children under age 6 are enrolled in one of its 1,391 private centers. That represents about 20 […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal The need to improve early childhood education in the state has caught the attention of Mississippi’s business community. That was manifest in 2008 when businesses and foundations across the state came together to launch Mississippi Building Blocks, a Mississippi-only initiative that tries to help the state’s child care centers improve […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal TUPELO – One morning last spring, three 4- and 5-year-old children explored the science center at Tupelo’s Kids Landing Child Care and Learning Center. There they could look at plastic insects, wind up a toy measuring tape or use magnifying glasses. Nearby, two more children started a makeshift competition using […]

Daily Journal reports HERNANDO – DeSoto County School District Superintendent Milton Kuykendall announced on Monday he will not seek re-election for a fourth term and will retire when his term ends in December 2015. “I plan to leave politics,” said Kuykendall, 67. “I know what it takes to run an campaign, and I want to […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal Having well-trained teachers is good. Over relying on television and worksheets is bad. With as much as 90 percent of a child’s brain development occurring in his or her first five years, parents face an important decision when finding an early-childhood program for their children. That challenge is magnified by […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal STARKVILLE – Georgia Graham walked through a room of 4-year-olds last spring clutching a large, yellowish-brown ball. What, she asked her students at Aiken Village Preschool, did they think it was. The guesses came quickly from the children, who were otherwise occupied by various activities. One thought it was a […]

By Chris Kieffer Daily Journal Mississippi’s efforts to improve its schools are beginning too late, some say. The best place for the state to spark its embattled education system may be in the space before its children even start school. Citing research that people’s brains grow most rapidly during the first three to five years […]

The Abecedarian Project Four cohorts of individuals, born into low-income families between 1972 and 1977, were randomly assigned as infants to either the early educational intervention group or a control group. Their progress was observed over time by researchers from the University of North Carolina with follow-up studies at ages 12, 15 and 21. It […]