Teacher Appreciation Week was May 3-9

n Teacher Appreciation Week was May 3-9. If you didn’t recognize your child’s teacher then, there’s still time before school gets out for the summer.
If you’re looking for a way to express your appreciation on paper, it is wise to first consider how much you actually know about your teacher and why you feel a special appreciation for him or her. Just take a piece of paper and write:
* Teacher’s full name, subject, gender and approximate age.
* Husband or wife? Kids? Pets?
* Where is he or she from?
* Physical remarks (glasses, height, hair…), normally wears …
* Any known hobby or funny details, like tics, words he/she repeats a lot, etc.
* Anything else that may be important.
This short exercise will help you to organize your ideas. When you start writing or creating any other kind of teacher appreciation material, it will come out in a more fluent and easier way. Now, why do you feel a special teacher appreciation for him or her? You may wish to take a few minutes to think about:
* Why are you particularly fond of this teacher?
* How does he or she compare to other teachers you’ve had before?
* Is he or she more tolerant than others?
* Does he or she obtain true respect and teacher appreciation from the class without getting angry?
* Are his or her lessons particularly interesting, funny or just easier to understand?
* Does he or she address each student individually and meet his or her particular needs?
* Does he or she make efforts to solve your doubts, even beyond his or her current knowledge?
* Apart from his or her subject, what values have you learned from this teacher?
* If you’re thinking about a teacher or professor you had long ago, why do you think you remember that person especially?
SOURCE: teacher-appreciation.info

Ginny Miller

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