Tips for Helping Your Child Enjoy Math Kids seem to love or hate math

Tips for Helping Your Child Enjoy Math
Kids seem to love or hate math. Here are some tips from Math and Reading Help for Kids to make math more enjoyable for your child. The Web site – – partners with the American Library Association and offers offers tips, resources and activity suggestions for building reading and math skills.
Do math together: Whether it’s a child’s math homework assignment or adding up the monthly bills, sitting down with your child to help them with math makes it feel like a shared responsibility and lightens the pressure your student might be feeling when working on his/her own. Using examples of math from your bills, grocery coupons, and home repair projects can show your child the relevant role that math plays in a grown-up world.
Make mathematics a hands-on experience: Using physical objects and real scenarios to demonstrate numbers visually enhances mathematics and appeals to a younger student’s interests. If you’re planning a party or event, enlist your child to help you add guests, calculate cost per guest, or count out utensils and favors.
Ask for help if you need it: Tutoring programs are available almost anywhere, and since they use tried and true methods for dealing with math (among other studies), chances are they’ll have something fun and creative in store for your child. If children begins to feel more confident about learning math through tutoring, they will undoubtedly enjoy it more.

Michaela Morris

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