Elementary closings and bus route cuts avoided, for now

CORINTH – Two groups of parents left Tuesday’s Alcorn School Board meeting reassured that their fears of school closings and canceled bus routes for the 2009-2010 school year will not happen.

Superintendent Stacy Suggs announced that the school board had voted to keep Rienzi and Glendale elementary schools open. The board decided to take no action on any transportation issues until further evaluation by outside consultants, meaning that an earlier proposal to eliminate a bus route on Alcorn County Road 415 has been tabled.

Saving money Suggs noted that normal teacher attrition at Rienzi and Glendale is expected to save the district about $400,000, while cuts made throughout the district last year are showing the savings district officials had hoped. The idea of closing the county’s two small elementary schools – with enrollments of 145 for Rienzi and 166 for Glendale – was presented as a cost-saving measure in a proposal to the school board last month, with an estimated savings of $883,527. Supporters of the two schools have been vocal in their opposition to the move and urged the board to reconsider. An announcement that federal recovery funds will be distributed to districts throughout the state, rather than districts suffering cuts ordered by the governor, led county officials to believe they might be able to keep the schools open.

However, Suggs said that right now the state hasn’t provided any information about exactly what recovery money the district will receive, and the board’s recent decisions are based on the district’s strong financial performance so far this year.

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