Elementary students learn their 5-2-1s

By Michaela Gibson Morris/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – At the end of 5-2-1 Have Fun Week, Joyner Elementary second-graders know their numbers.
“Five is fruits and vegetables; eat them every day,” said Kevin Townsend, after running a 5-2-1 relay in the Joyner gym. All week, schools across Tupelo and Lee County have been participating in the 5-2-1 campaign sponsored by the Healthy Tupelo Task Force to focus attention on healthy habits.
Two stands for two hours or less of screen time each day.
“Sometimes, like when you have to go to bed, it’s hard to turn off the cable box,” said Nya Swing, who said she’d rather go walk her dog than watch TV.
When his screen time is up, second-grader Ernrico Sterdivant likes to combine imagination with his physical activity.
“I like to go play wrestling,” envisioning the superstars from the WWE, Sterdivant said. “Sometimes I pretend I have a real gym and do a workout.”
One stands for an hour or more of physical activity a day.
“It’s my favorite,” said second-grader Alyssa Osborne. “I get to run while I’m exercising my dog.”
Her classmate Carter Owens said sometimes it’s hard to get in an hour of exercise a day.
“I get distracted by my Xbox,” he said sheepishly.
The message is sinking in, said Joyner physical education teacher Glenda Clay, who with her colleagues has been incorporating 5-2-1 into music, art, physical education and media center this week.
“When you can concentrate on a message and make connections in different ways, it solidifies the message,” Clay said.
The task force has focused all year spreading the word about 5-2-1 healthy habits, and kids seem to be getting the message.
“We are overwhelmingly excited to hear them tell something that they’ve learned about being active, reducing screen time, and incorporating more fruits and veggies in their meals,” said task force chairwoman Donna Loden.

Contest Winners
KINDERGARTEN-SECOND GRADE DIVISION: First place – Mary Hodges, Lawhon second-grader; Second place – Thomas Roper, Joyner
kindergartner; Third place – Riley Rose Mulrooney, Thomas Street second-grader.
THIRD-FIFTH GRADE DIVISION: First place – Molly Billingsley, Lawhon
fourth-grader; Second place – Lexiana Miller, Pierce Street fifth-grader;
Third place – Deasia Hampton, Pierce Street fifth-grader.

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