EMA grant provides county new generator

Special to the Chickasaw Journal
CHICKASAW COUNTY – Chickasaw County officials gathered this past week to check out two new mobile generators purchased through a Hazard Mitigation Grant offered by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. With the assistance of this grant, the county was able to purchase the generators which will be used to provide power to various water wells throughout the county in the event of a long term power outage. The approved cost of this project is $171,000.00 and is 95 percent funded by Federal dollars. The maximum cost to the county upon project completion will be $8,550.00.
The generators, as part of the county’s Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, will be moved from site to site as needed to refill elevated water storage tanks. This, along with good water conservation practices by the public, will prevent the county’s citizens from being without water for extended periods during power outages. This is a joint project between Chickasaw County, Houlka, Houston, Okolona, Woodland and several rural water associations throughout the county. Along with being able to provide this service to the citizens, officials were very pleased that the county was able to purchase the Made in Mississippi generators from the local vendor Parks and Parks Well Service, Inc.

Lisa Voyles

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