Fab Four’ helps me cope with site repairs



Scenehere.net is once again experiencing technical problems that prevent the site from being updated.

Work is under way to correct the glitches. I’ll announce in this spot when the site is back up and updated with stories from Scene as well as other entertainment extras.

In the meantime, visit Djournal.com’s Lifestyles page to check out Scene’s latest features and reviews.

How am I coping with this latest online episode? Quite well, with a little help from my friends – the Beatles.

I heard clips last week of the Fab Four’s newest CD, “Love,” on Music on Demand via Rock103.com out of Memphis. I enjoyed the clips so much, I bought the CD and have been listening to it since.

“Love” features remixes of Beatle hits. It blends full songs and bits of others into a constant stream of great music.

As a fan who has owned four generations of the White Album – LP, 8-track, cassette and CD – I highly recommend “Love” to anyone who loves the Beatles.

Once I’m through playing “Love” over and over and even backwards, I hope Scenehere.net’s glitches will be gone and we can make Scene’s online companion live again with the latest entertainment news from Northeast Mississippi.

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