Fall festival raises money for Oren Dunn museum


TUPELO – Turnout at the Oren Dunn City Museum Fall Festival was a good sign that history is still interesting.
Dozens of people joined the celebration of all things history. Janice Anthony, museum educator, said she was glad to see such a good turnout, especially so many children.
The event was both a fundraiser and an educational tool put on by the Friends of the Oren Dunn City Museum.
“We have food vendors, craft vendors, horse and buggy rides for the kids and the museum itself, of course, so we have a lot going on today for people to come out and enjoy,” said Anthony. “We want to reach out to the community and this event is one way of doing that. We want people to come out here and help keep history alive. The children need to know that history is fun, exciting and interesting and that’s what we are promoting.”
Mitchell McDaniel and his wife Patricia brought their children, Josh, 7, Marcus, 12, and Allison, 3, to the museum. McDaniel said he and the boys have been by the museum several times but it was a first for his wife and Allison.
“I wanted to be a history teacher before I found out it didn’t pay well,” joked Mitchell. “But this museum is a way for me to see history and it’s a way for the children to see it as well. No video games, no television, no cell phones. Just centuries of history are packed into this building. The boys are fascinated by these things like they are new inventions instead of age-old ones.”
Members of the Tombigbee Pioneers participated in the event, showing off their yarn-making skills, weaving and dulcimer playing. Denise Miller of Carthage, dressed in 18th-century garb, showed festival patrons what music was like during the pioneer period.
“We enjoy traveling and being a part of history education for people,” said Miller.
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