Familiar face returns to Faith Haven


Daily Journal

TUPELO – A familiar face returned to Faith Haven Emergency Shelter after social worker Joy Brasher left.

Connie Taylor, who first came to Faith Haven in 1997, said she acquired skills during her time away that will help her there now.

“I spent time with the early intervention program with DHS,” she said. “That enhances what I do here. I operated a daycare a while. I have experience with child development, and that was a plus.”

The shelter is a temporary home for children in Department of Human Services custody. It is licensed to handle 12 children, ages 0-18.

The children are all abused, abandoned or neglected, and stay at Faith Haven until a more permanent placement is found.

Taylor said she has been a social worker 10 years.

“I always thought about it through the years,” she said. “When I heard that they were taking applications, I applied.”

Director Kathryn McKee described Taylor as “a great social worker” who has a very good approach to the children.

As its social worker, Taylor works with the children each day, handling appointments, doing paperwork and checking up on them after school.

“It's real hard to watch a lot of them go,” she said. “It's hard if the judge orders them to be returned home, and you know it's not a good place to be. But it happens. If the parents meet all the criteria, the children are returned to them.

“You always worry about what happens to them when they return home.”

Nine children were at the house Monday morning, and two more were expected there later in the day.

The children are given clothing and personal care items, and treats on their birthdays and at Christmas.

For more information or to donate to Faith Haven, call 844-7091.

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