Farmer appeals hunting ban after Trace incident

By Patsy R. Brumfield/NEMS Daily Journal

ABERDEEN – Marietta farmer J. Bradley Pounds asks a federal district court judge to take a look at his three-year hunting ban.
In early August, Pounds, 33, was convicted of four federal offenses related to National Park Service citations that he hunted at night with headlights during open season for deer.
Magistrate Judge David A. Sanders heard the case, found Pounds guilty and ordered him to pay a $2,850 fine by Sept. 30.
Sanders ordered him to three years probation, during which time he could not to possess a firearm or ammunition or hunt “anywhere in the world.”
Pounds also was ordered to surrender any hunting license and was barred from obtaining or renewing them.
Natchez Trace Park Ranger Jeffrey Hunter cited Pounds on Oct. 7, 2011, and the case was heard in federal court July 20.
While Pounds and his girlfriend disagreed, the ranger said he saw Pounds’ headlights briefly illuminate the Pharr Mounds field, then found Pounds in a vehicle with a loaded rifle and a spotlight inside.
Sanders’ opinion stated that Pounds testified he was there to kill hogs, which were damaging his soybean crops nearby.
Sanders issued his opinion Aug. 8, saying Hunter’s testimony was more credible.
He found Pounds not guilty of using an artificial light or carrying a firearm in his vehicle because it’s not unlawful to do so within a national park area in Mississippi. But he found Pounds guilty of spotlighting, hunting from a roadway, open alcohol container in his vehicle and littering.

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