FBI agents in Saltillo area

Daily Journal

SALTILLO – FBI agents were in the Saltillo area Tuesday.

Some residents reported a black man in a suit and tie accompanied by a white woman went to multiple Saltillo residence asking to look at electronic equipment.

The residents said the agents flashed what seemed to be a phony badge.

Agents have since confirmed to local law enforcement they were in the area but failed to do so in advance.


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  • Beauregard Rippy

    WHAT electronic equipment were they asking to see. WHY were they asking to see it? Do not show anyone anything. Those must have been crooks casing out the residenceS (multiple is plural by the way). Where’s their search warrants? CALL THE POLICE if someone comes to your house and acts like that. You are on your own too! Be prepared!

    • Beauregard Rippy

      It’s the season for an increase in scams and thefts.

    • MidTennDog

      About the only thing the article clearly states is that the FBI confirmed they were actual agents. That stated… I would think you wouldn’t have to let them in and show them anything if they didn’t have a warrant.

      • Winston Smith

        This is what I find interesting. I wouldn’t be letting anyone into my home without a warrant!

      • Beauregard Rippy

        NO, actually the article does not clearly state that the persons reported were actually FBI agents themselves. It does not say that. Those persons could have been crooks, cops, or salespersons, or something else. The article just says that the FBI said they were “in the area”.

  • MidTennDog

    But what was the white woman wearing? It’s REALLY important!

  • barney fife

    Very simple … no warrant, no entry.