Festival showcases young artist

TUPELO – Ever since he was in second grade, J.D. Brown knew he wanted to be an artist.
On Saturday, the 16-year-old Tupelo High School sophomore got a chance to display his work. The local “It’s Art” Network presented its first Festival of Arts at the Northside Boys and Girls Club all day. Painters, jewelry makers, photographers, pillow makers and many other artists displayed their work for the public.
“I thought this would be a good time to let people see some of my drawings,” said Brown, a member of the Northside club. “I just like art and I enjoy doing it and this is a way for me to share it with everyone else.”
Rhonda Armstrong, owner of Qnique Art, also displayed some of her work for the educational event. Armstrong, a fine arts illustrator, dabbles in many different forms of art. She’s a painter, graphic artist and designs plates and T-shirts. She said the festival was designed to expose children to art.
“Art is a very beautiful thing and everyone can get involved in it,” said Armstrong. “Exposing kids to different forms of art and just art in general may start a new love for it. We want them to know art is not just paintings and pictures, but can be music, words and many other things.”
Even though he was nervous about people seeing some of his work, Brown said no matter what people thought about it, he’d always love drawing.
“I didn’t start drawing for people to like it,” he said. “I did it because I liked doing it and that’s not going to change.”

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Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

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