Final day's update: Sheriff admits Jones home photos may be different

By Patsy R. Brumfield / Daily Journal

5:00 P.M. POST
BOONEVILLE – Becky Jones’ defense broke a little ground Tuesday by casting doubt on the credibility of death scene photos.
Sheriff Randy Tolar had to admit on the stand that items shown in one scene of the living room where Jane Jones was shot fatally in 2010 did not appear in other photos presented as taken the same day. The defense sought to suggest that a struggle occurred between their client and her mother.
Rebecca “Becky” Jones went on trial Tuesday, accused in the May 11, 2010, shooting murder of her mother, Jane Jones, in Prentiss County.

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(Below is a rolling account of Tuesday afternoon’s session of the Jones trial. Please excuse the typos and glitches likely as I type as fast as I can.)

Prosecutors are Josh Wise and Kimi Kitchens. Defense attorneys are Rob Laher of Tupelo and Jay Perry of Starkville.

4:23 P.M. – Judge, jury return to courtroom.


SHERIFF – Sheriff 12 1/2 years. In law enforcement 31 years. May 11, 2010, was sheriff of Prentiss County. Tells about his connection with the Jane Jones shooting, that didn’t look like she wasn’t going to make it. (WISE – Interviewed Rebecca Jones?) Yes, the following morning about 10 a.m. or so. Me, Reagan and Deputy Ricky Peeples were present, Gave her miranda warning, waived her rights, signed it. (Her statement?) Freely and voluntarily.

(Handing him document. What is that?) Statement taken or given by Becky Jones on May 12, 2010. Signed by her. Signed by me. During statement, she exhibited little or no emotion when brought her in for statement. Lived in Alabama. Jane lived east of Booneville. (Familiar with their relationship?) I am. Big portion of my career, had dealings with Jane and Becky in regard to their relationship. Becky said she was at mother’s house. Heard mother was going to sell property that once was deeded in her name. She was coming to Booneville.. she said… to plan some kind of party. But went by mother’s house about this property and to get some things off her chest. (Get things off chest?) Yes.

(In investigation, know how Becky got wind of land sale?) Interviewed Brook, Becky’s daughter OBJECTION – HEARSAY – SUSTAINED. (Going to Becky’s statement. Why she went by motehr’s house?) To talk to her about the sale of property. Upset. To confront her. (Where did Rebecca says conversation occured?) IN living room. (Did she say sitting/) Rebecca was on couch. Jane was in recliner. (What did she say happened?) She said phone rang, Jane got up to answer it behind recliner. Talked on phone. While she was on phone, Becky said she realized conversation was over. Getting keys out of purse but gun was on the top, and came out of purse with her gun. About same time mother turned around. Two shots fired. It was Becky’s gun. She admitted it.

She said she pulled it from her purse. (Did anyone call 911?) Jane did. (Did REebecca?) No sir. (Where was Rebecca sitting?) On couch. Gun found on couch with hammer back. (She was on couch?) Yes. (How did gun get on couch?) She said she dropped it on couch after two shots fired. Noticed a drop of blood and she dropped gun on the couch. (Did she say it was in her hand?) Yes. (What did Rebecca do after drop of blood?) She left the house. (Did she call 911?) No. She said she called her boyfriend in Alabama.

(Document?) It’s a booking photo of Becky Jones of May 11, 2010. (Was it after she was in custory?) Very shortly after that. (May 12, did you see scrapes on her, cuts, bruises as if she had been in a struggle?) No. (Any other evidence on Becky’s body to show she’d been in a struggle?) No, even her hair wasn’t out of place. (Did you find out Jane died?) Yes, (Did Rebecca know?) At that time, she didn’t. (Did you tell her?) I did. I took a box of tissues. Then we told her her mother died. She sort of leaned forward. Otherwise, no emotion or rest of interview, never shed the first tear. (Say she was sorry?) No sir. Charged her with murder of her mother, Jane Jones.

Identified defendant as Becky Jones. 4:38


SHERIFF – (Talk about “little to no emotion.”) Basically no change throughout interview. (You said she just leaned forward and dropped her head? Wasn’t it a little more violent reaction… put head between her knees in a despondent state?) As I recall. (Been to the scene?) Been there since then on a couple of occasions. Before, visited with Jane. (Said, Becky went to talk about the property?) Becky said that. (Where in her statement does she mentions property?) You’re correct. She didn’t say anything about that in statement. (Said wanted to get things off her chest?) Yes. I believe there was a place there… uh, bear with me … you’re correct.

(Talk about what she told you … statements about who brought gun ovr, who had it last, procedure about how things went that day. Didn’t she also say… day after … say there was a struggle, they fell to the floor?) She said when mother turned around, mother charged toward her and there was a struggle. Our investigation revealed no indication of a struggle. No evidence of a struggle. (Sheriff, you are the only back-to-back sheriff in Prentiss County? Been sheriff 12-plus years.. you know your way around crime scenes?) I’ve been to a few. (You are familiar with investigations?) Yes. (Crime scenes, don’t want other people in there to disturb it, etc.?) Correct. (On this day, your office had more deputies outside … their job was to see that no one came in?) Yes sir. (To assure complete, fair examination of what appeared to be a crime scene?) Yes.

(Approaches with photos. Taken by Reagan?) Yes. (Specifically, want to look at No. 3A, E and I. Struggle is a central theme in this case. Ms. Jones has said there was a struggle. Mother charged her, gun went off. You understand… said nothing appeared out of ordinary?) Yes, I said that. (Exhibit 3E, what is it?) Recliner, table with remote, ash trays, couple of blankets or throws. (Exhibit 3A? Also living room? Is that table visible? Said stuff on table. Point them out?) Uh, I don’t see some of them. No ashtrays. TV remote, no. Glasses, no. (In that picture, recliner appeared in perfect order?) Yes. (Exhibit 3I. Table looks like 3E?) Yes. Ashtrays, drink can. (Chairs more askew?) Yes or the angle. (Agree different from 3A?) Yes. (On top of recliner 3A, missing item .. is there a clipboard on top?) Yes. (Weren’t items on floor and picked up?) Or could have been taken another day. (Hasn’t been testimony) True.

Based on investigation, I found no evidence of a struggle. (At crime scene, either it was violated by someone or things moved … there’re not there. At least possible, POSSIBLE, that in fact there had been a struggle… some things were moved around? A POSSIBILITY?) Based on our investigation … we found no evidence of a struggle.

(Sheriff, you said Ms. Jones said in statement that she saw a drop of blood on floor, panicked and left. As far as you know, heard mother on 911 that BEcky was trying to kill her?) Yes. (Drove a little down road and turned around?) Right (When she left, she didn’t take gun with her?) Correct. (Part of no emotion … assume you recall when spoke with Deputy Hester that almost immediately after…when Ms. Jones was outside… she asked, how is my mother?) I don’t know that. (My curiosity … an explanation for what we’ve seen in pictures? Taken at later date?) Didn’t have manpower to work this case .. DA’s office asked us to go back and get list of certain things. A broader picture of the room itself. Do a diagram of house, inside. I hired someone to come in and clean up this case. That photo might have been one investigator took days afterward. (But we don’t know that?) I lean toward the other way. (You don’t know that those were taken by anybody other than Roy Reagan?) You’ll see door open and door closed in another. (Other than door close/open, you can’t say these photos were taken on another day?) I know additional photos taken on another day.

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4:15 P.M. POST
BOONEVILLE – Jane Jones’ brother said she never stopped loving her daughter, Becky, even though they had a years-long, difficult relationship.
Jimmy Hicks of Booneville also said he spoke with his niece at the jail months after his sister’s death.
Rebecca “Becky” Jones went on trial Tuesday, accused in the May 11, 2010, shooting murder of her mother, Jane Jones, in Prentiss County.

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(Below is a rolling account of Tuesday afternoon’s session of the Jones trial. Please excuse the typos and glitches likely as I type as fast as I can.)

Prosecutors are Josh Wise and Kimi Kitchens. Defense attorneys are Rob Laher of Tupelo and Jay Perry of Starkville.

3:10 P.M. – Judge, jury back in courtroom.


HICKS – (Wise to question) Booneville. May 11, 2010 – (Know Jones?) I’m her brother. (Rebecca?) She’s my niece. (Jane and Rebecca?) Mother, daughter. (Where sister living?) Highway 4 East, Booneville, Rebecca livedin Alabama. (Relationship with the two women?) They were up and down in a rocky relationship. (Argued?) They did. (Would Jane complain to you?) Yes. (Rebecca about Jane?) Yes. On-off again relationship (Was Jane ever physical with Rebecca?) Not to my knowledge. Other way, don’t know either. (Know Brook?) She’s defendant’s daughter. Jane … a good relationship with Brook, She raised Brook, had custody. (Why Jane got custody?) Becky was sick and wasn’t able to keep her. (Sick?) She … was on prescription drugs.. problems. (Rebecca property?) Land was on Mount Pisgah Road in Booneville. In sister’s name at time ofher death. (Why Becky deeded to her mother?) At that time, she was sick and gave it up because of the disability. (Argued about it?) Yes. They told me, each one of them.

(Why argued over it?) Because Jane decided she would sell it. Before that, Becky still felt it was hers. (Did she plan to sell it?) She did. She told me. (When?) It was … about … came into my store and had a survey of the property. (Time period?) 2-3 weeks before her death. (Find out sister had been shot?) My great-niece Brook called me. I left my store and went to Jane’s house. (Then?) Got there, ran into house. Deputy stopped and said go to hospital. Went to hospital here. (Condition?) She was unresponsive. Working on her. Airlifted her to Tupelo. I left for Tupelo.
(Go there?) Yes. (Then?) When she arrived she was critical. Doctor said she didn’t make it.

(Other famly there?) My son, wife, some cousins. (Brook?) No. (Billy Joe Harkins?) Not to my knowledge. (When found out she died?) At Tupelo hospital, don’t remember time. (After she died, did you contact Becky?) I did, not sure … 2-3 weeks later. Went to the Prentiss County Jail. (Why?) Because she was my niece, I wanted to go there. I love her. Still love her. (Did she tell you what happened?) When got there, went into break room, we embraced, we cried. She said she killed her mama. (Did she say it was an accident?) No. (Struggle?) NO, we didn’t discuss it. (Did she show any remorse?) No., we were consoling one another. I was crying, she was crying about the situation. She told me that her mama had taken her baby, her land and now taken her life.

(Did you consider her emotions remorseful for the loss of Jane?) No. (Comments about Jane?) That her mom had taken her child, her land, her life. 3:18


HICKS – (Laher – known Jane and Becky their whole lives?) Yes. (At one time, you shared a residence with Jane?) Yes. (At that time, Becky was still there?) In and out, living around the area. (Probably 20 years ago? More?) Not sure. (Even then, relationship was up and down?) Yes. (Nothing physical?) No. (Weren’t around after that?) No. (Still spoke to Becky every now and then, in recent past?) Oh yes. At least once a month or so. Fairly regular. Living in Alabama. (Was she doing better?) Yes. (Did her some good?) Yes being out of Prentiss County. (Not healthy relationship with her mother?) No.

(Remember when Debra died?) I do. I was about 12 years old. It was hard on everyone. (Hardest on Jane?) Yes. (Becky and Jane …?) At the time, I was a kid. Becky was young. I’m not sure when at what age they began to go back and forth with one another. (Still unresolved circumstances on both sides from that?) Jane gave a hard time during childhood. (You were sort of an intermediary between them?) Yes, heard it from both sides. (As things progressed, when Becky left the area …) Talked to her every now and then, regularly. (Situation … you have a store?) Yes. (…… hard to hear Laher with his back turned to me.)

(Jane thought somebody was cutting timber off the land?) Ultimately she went to Billy … and apologized for saying she thought he was doing it. (After you went and saw Becky at the jail, your involvement … you didn’t speak to police after?) No. (Months later, they asked for a statement?) They did. (Your recollections of that conversation?) Yes.

(Is that it?) I had written something else. (Oct. 20, 2010?) I’m sure that’s right. (Questions about you took my child, my land, my life? Rebecca … remember she said that… that was from long ago, right?) Yes. (Becky and Jane had numerous contacts since theN?) Yes. (At some point, Brook and Jane did not get along?) Yes, her senior year. Brook moved away. (Becky and Brook kind of reunited?) Yes. (Becky brought her mother and her child back together?) Yes, fair to say. (As for Becky, didn’t stop loving her mother?) No, don’t think she ever did.

(This property?) A few acres. No oil on it. Or diamond mine. Nobody panning for gold. (You said she wasn’t remorseful?) Right. (But at same time there … she recognized that this was a regretful thing?) I would say so. We both were upset… emotional. It was. We cried. Both of us. (When you talked to her, …. well, going back … did Jane have a way of controlling people? Making threats?) She … if she wanted to change her will, she would change it. Never to me, but talked to others about it. If people didn’t behave, she would change things. (In your statement … in conversation like that, Becky recognizes she knew what happened?) Yes. (When gave this statement, you gave in October … much closer to time of visit than the death?) Yes. (Laher looks at his computer … shows him document… another statement, Oct. 12, 2010?) Yes. (Did that talk about meeting with Becky that day?) I’d have to look at both of them to compare. Not more than one meeting that day. One… they called.. the county wanted me to give a statement about it. (One statement doesn’t say she killed her, but this second one? Says she pulled the trigger?) Right. (She felt responsible… if hadn’t gone, it wouldn’t or couldn’t hae happened?) Right. (Becky felt responsible because she always had a gun?) Right.

(What she didn’t talk to you about intricacies about what happened in that house?) No. (She felt responsibility?) Yes. (Had she not gone over there … wouldn’t have occurred?) Right. (But as far as what happened in the home, you have no knowledge of that?) Correct. 3:38


HICKS – Know what Rebecca told. (You recall that conversation?) Yes. (Did Jane love her daughter?) Yes. (Did Jane regret that she felt Rebecca didn’t love her?) There were times. (Was Jane upset around Mother’s Day 2010?) She was. I spoke to her and wished her happy Mother’s Day. She said you’re the first one who’s called. She was upset. Mother’s Day was the Sunday before the shooting. Days before. (Two statements you gave?) Yes. (Statement you prepared is dated 10/12 and second one that law enforcement prepared 10/20?) Yes. (In first statement, did you say that Rebecca assumed full responsibility for her mother’s shooting?) Yes, (Did she say she was sorry?) No. (Even after the death of your sister, was Rebecca still blaming Jane for her problems?) She said my mom has taken my child, my land, my life. 3:42

JUDGE – Chance state may recall you.

• • •


ROBINSON – Works at law firm, 45 years. Knew Jane Jones. Jane and I went to school, NEMCC together and were friends for many years. Definitely a friend. Know Becky. Through association with Jane. Worked with Becky Jones. (Describe the relationship of knowing both of them?) They had a love-hate relationship and would bicker back and forth, but Jane loved Becky and would do anything for her. (Explain?) Well, parents and children bicker back and forth, but still love each other. No question Jane loved Becky. Never heard Jane say anything bad about Becky. (Problems for defendant?) Yes. Through Jane. (what?) OBJECTION – RELEVANCE – OVERRULED (Problems with drugs?) None other than what Jane told me. Off-hand conversation. (Did Jane make tough decisions in her family?) Yes. (Why?) To take care of her family. (Explain that?) Becky and her daughter… couldn’t care for her and Jane got custody of granddaughter.

(Did Jane do that to hurt defendant?) No, so she could bring granddaughter up, give her a home, like she should be raised in. (Prepared a deed in 1989?) Yes. (Showing Exhibit 13 – ?) It’s warranty deed from Becky Jones to Jane Jones. Rebecca signed it 11/22/1989. Conveyed real property. I notarized it. OBJECTION – OVERRULED

(When deed created, did Becky sign it?) Yes. (Has land remained in Jane’s name through this entire period?) As far as I know. (In April 2010, did Jane contact you for another deed?) Yes. (Same property?) It could have been. She had it surveyed. (Part of same property from Becky?) Yes. Toward end of April 2010. (Aware when Jane was killed?) May 11, 2010. (Did your office prepare that deed?) Yes, I did. (What did Jane want to do?) She wanted to sell it. Not to Becky, to someone else. (Did Jane ever come in and sign it?) No, she was killed before she could. 3:52




DIALLO – Lee County chancery deputy clerk. Does duties of clerk, file records, go into courtroom, other things. 25 years. Keeps records, such as petitions for custody, divorce, decrees etc. (Custodial of records?) Bill Benson is, but we are under him. Yes. (Document to show her – for identification purposes … what is this?) Agreement for custody. From Lee Chancery Clerk’s office – Jane Jones v. Rebecca Jones. LAHER WANTS TO EXAMINE IT

(Read into record the agreement?) LAHER – JURY CAN READ. JUDGE – ANY PARTICULAR PART? KITCHENS – OK, (Who is party doing actio?) Jane Jones (Defendant?) Rebecca Jones. (Filed?) Petition of court custody. (Who trying to get custody of?) minor child, Debra Brook Creek. Sept. 5, 2003 (…. I think that’s the date, hard to hear…) (Kitchens – guardian appointed?) Yes. Her opinion to live with her grandmother, Jane Jones. (Why court found that way?) Says defendant is not mentally or physically able to maintain custody .. not fit to care for child. Court finds child should live with Jane Jones.

(Did judge sign this?) He did, Talmadge Littlejohn. Signed Sept. 30, 2003. 4:03


DIALLO – (What is joinder?) Someone joins into petition. (Means the parent joins into this?) Yes. (This petition filed by Jane and Rebecca?) Yes.(Paragraph 3 ) Says petition was joined in by father and mother was served with process and appeared in court, asked for a continuance for legal counsel …. court finds that Rebecca enters joinder in petition. (Becky joins into this?) Yes.



DIALLO – She was served. Signed it Sept. 22, 2003. Order signed on Sept. 30, 2003. 4:06

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2:45 P.M. POST
BOONEVILLE – Medical and forensic experts told a Prentiss County jury about their experiences and findings after the death of Jane Jones.
Rebecca “Becky” Jones went on trial Tuesday, accused in the May 11, 2010, shooting murder of her mother, Jane Jones, in Prentiss County.
(Watch for updates on DJournalnow and courtroom action on Twitter @realnewsqueen #jonestrial.)
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(Below is a rolling account of Tuesday afternoon’s session of the Jones trial. Please excuse the typos and glitches likely as I type as fast as I can.)
Prosecutors are Josh Wise and Kimi Kitchens. Defense attorneys are Rob Laher of Tupelo and Jay Perry of Starkville.
1:25 P.M. – Judge, attorneys back. Judge asks for jury to return.
HARRISON – (Kitchens to question) Tupelo doctor, 8 years. General surgeon. Goes through medical education background. Says first time to testify in court. (Both sides agree to certify him as expert in surgery.) Rendered care to Jane Jones. (Shows him report for day he saw her.) May 11, 2010. North MS Medical Center in Tupelo. She came by ambulance. There when she arrived. (Her condition?) She had no pulse but electrical rhythm from her heart. Gunshot wounds. Right arm, other in abdomen. Tried to treat her. I stated on report that she had “coded” once in Booneville, got BP back then “coded” again as she arrived at hospital.
(Condition on arrival?) She was dead on arrival. Abdomen distended from gunshot wound. Rescusitation failed. Ultrasound showed a lot of fluid in abdomen. No motion from heart. At that point, ER doc pronounced her dead at 19:26. (Cause of death?) Gunshot wound to abdomen. 1:36
DR. AMY MCMASTER HAWES – Forensic pathologist. Has training to determine how someone died. Tells about education. Board certified in various pathologies. Works in Nashville, chief med examiner for Davidson County. (Expert in forensic pathology.)
(Kitchens – about autopsies, determine cause and manner of death?) Yes. Talks about how she determines cause of death. Performs autopsy, other examinations. Manner of death is circumstances under which person is found dead. May 2010 working for MS Medical Examiner’s Office. Performed autopsy on Jane Jones. (Exhibit… what is this?) Copy of autopsy report etc. from Jane Jones. (Exhibit 11 – what is this?) Four photographs of Mrs. Jones, chest/face, “as is” as she came to office, close view of GSW of abdomen, complex GSW to upper arm. (Hands her the autopsy report.)
(Let’s talk about this autopsy report) May 12, 2010. Age, 56. White female. (“As is” photo – external examination?) Yes. GSW to abdomen, perforating – entrance and exit. Front to back. Details injuries – small bowel, bowel and kidney. (Other injuries?) A complex GSW to right upper arm and chest, also perforating… entrance and exit, re-entered and re-exited. (Other?) Had grazing type GSW under her chin. (More specifics … do we know entry and exit to abdomen?) Yes. No bullet from that found in body. (Second injury to arm?) On that one, no, can’t tell if wound going up or down. Common on injuries to extremities like armpits, very elastic skin. (To neck?) Most consistent with graze. Could be separate bullet or could be related to wound to arm.
(Look for stipling?) Yes, it’s unburned gunpowder from the barrel of the gun. It’s propelled out of gun, turns to soot. Can be deposited on skin or clothing. (Any stipling on abdomen?) No. (Arm?) No. (Neck?) No. (What does that tell you?) If no stipling on skin, means 1 of 2 things – 1. gun more than a couple of feet away from body, or 2. if there’s a physical barrier between gun and person like clothing. (Clothes or shot more than two feet away?) A couple of feet, yes. (Opinion as to Jane Jones’ cause of death?) GSW to abdomen. (Opinion as manner?) Homicide. 1:53
HAWES – (Perry – understand difference between manner and cause of death. Arm, chin injuries did not cause her death?) No. (Shows her document … recognize that?) I do. (You completed it?) Yes. (Toward bottom, gunshot residue collected?) Crime Lab does that, I don’t do it. But this says I performed test and sent somewhere else. There’s a kit to swab the hands, which I collected. Testing goes to Crime Lab. (Know results?) No, I do not. (As you do your examination … same document … summary of case, who told you she was shot …?) Prentiss County coroner (Played large part in making manner of death?) Yes. (If coroner said self-inflicted, you’d say suicide?) Yes. (If reported to you, an accidental discharge as to GSW in abdomen, you report accident?) Not necessarily. (Anything in report that would negate that finding?) What? (Did you see anything in your autopsy … that would contradict someone if they told you it was accidental?) In my experience … only two circumstances when call it accident: If firearm malfunctions or if it’s dropped and witnessed it’s dropped, with no one’s hands on gun. If gun in someone else’s hands when discharges … medical examination classifies as homicide. (Doesn’t mean murder?) No, never used that.
(If shot is fired and it hits someone 100 yards away and kills them, you would label that homicide?) Yes, I would. 2 P.M.
(KITCHENS – Could have classified it as an accident?) Technically, yes. (But you found homicide?) Yes. (Have you ever classified two gunshots as an accident?) … she’s thinking about it … have called it suicide with more than one, but can’t recall off top of head … with two, an accident. 2:01
• • •
ROBINSON – MS Crime Lab in Jackson, forensic scientist specializing in firearms. Looks at bullets, casings etc. 4 years. Experience – worked for other agencies doing this too. Notes her educational background, training. DEFENSE – Will stipulate her as expert.
(Wise – Exhibit 15 … copy of her CV?) Yes. (Educational background?) JUDGE – are all marked exhibits stipulated… any others? PERRY – Only 2 on table, everything else stipulated. With exception of 13-14, 19.
(Wise – Testified before on firearms?) I have. Tested more than 10,000 examinations of firearms. WISE – CERTIFY AS EXPERT.
(Wise – Evidence from Prentiss Cnty on Jane Jones?) I did. (Hands her gun Roy Reagan looked at this morning.) JUDGE – MAKE SURE GUN IS SECURE. Robinson – it is safe. (Identify this?) Gunbox from MS Crime Lab, case number, revolver and test-fire subject for my examination. See my initials on it. (Handing her, what?) sealed bag with 2 cartridge cases with my initials. They’ve been fired. Other casing weren’t fired, but she says she fired some. (What is this?) A projectile. (Received from Prentiss Sheriff’s Dept?) Yes, asked to perform tests – firearms comparisons with projectiles. (Explain that.) Take firearm, examine its characteristics, test-fire into water tank and retrieve bullet and compare with other evidence. Can look at two bullets at one time to see if fired by same firearm. (In this case … what found of casings and bullets?) Fired from the same gun.
(Exhibit 12 – what is that?) Copy of MS Crime Lab report she generated from findings. (What were they?) Fired from same gun. (Distance range comparison?) Examine garment with bullet holes. Examine and test it for presence of what’s left over from a gun shot. Do tests into sheets of cloth at known distances and compare with garment. (Purpose?) A range from which firearm was discharged to make the bullet hole. (Result?) Bag contains white shirt, test pattern sheets. Jones’ shirt with bullet hole. (Determination?) I was. (What?) GSR on garment consistent with pattern from gun greater than contact but less than 9 inches.
(Functional reliability test?) See if firearm checks on how it functions, abnormalities, cock hammer, trigger-pull analysis, safety and then test fire it. (Purpose?) To make sure it functions as designed by manufacturer. (Retrieve firearm from box.) Revolver. Fires – can function in two ways … can fire by cocking hammer and pulling trigger which requires a lighter amount of force, 5-12 lbs force, double-action takes more force, 15-17 lbs pressure.
(Any malfunctions?) No. (Functioning?) Yes. (Probable it was fired twice and cocked third time?) OBJECTION – AS TO THIRD TIME? – SUSTAINED. (Ask this, when you fired this gun, does the hammer cock itself?) No sir 2:27
ROBINSON – (In testing … to determine without question that projectile/casing fired from a particular gun, it leaves a fingerprint?) Yes. … she explains about groove cut into barrel … marks are unique on surface of projectile. Firing pin strikes casing and makes mark on cartridge casing. (Hands her Exhibit … distance determination?) Crime Lab report about distance exam determination. (Garment with hole?) Yes. (Said it was greater than contact, less than 9 inches.) Yes.
(In your analysis of gun, fair to say nothing is your examination would exclusde possibility of struggle for the gun and it went off?) OBJECTION – JUDGE – I’M GOING TO LET HER SAY IF SHE KNOWS. (Exclude that possibility?) I have no knowledge of what happens at the scene. All I can say, how it functioned in my possession. (Nothing you found to exclude that?) No. (Exhibits – recognize that?) MS crime Lab report GSR examination. Other is similar report. By David Whitehead, section chief.
(Exhibit 22 – GSR kit?) Says performed on Mary Jane Jones. (Exhibit 23 on Becky Jones?) Yes. (Shows documents to jury) 2:37
(Wise – Was gunshot residue tested positive on Jane Jones?) Haven’t read the reports. (Wise takes up reports from jury.) PERRY – ARGUE IMPROPER RE-DIRECT, ONLY TOOL TO AVOID ANOTHER COLLEAGUE TO TESTIFY. JUDGE – YOU INTRODUCED THEM. Wise proceed (Wise – asks it again about Jane Jones?) Reading these results. For Janes Jones, particles indicative of GSR on her hands. But not positive for GSR. (What does that mean?) Only as firearms examiner… about cartridge case. Explosion forces bullet out end of gun. Gunshot residue pertains to particles in the primer. Comes out of any opening of gun. Will fall and land on people or whatever. (Does it mean you were in the environment of discharge?) Yes. 2:42
Judge asks attorneys to approach. Judge – we’re going to take a 3-smoke break, 20 minutes.
• • •
11:30 A.M.
BOONEVILLE – Rebecca Jones’ jury breaks for lunch. Her murder trial resumes at 1:15 p.m.
• • •
10:40 – Judge reminds attorneys that witnesses not discuss their testimony with other witnesses. Jury to return.
OFR ROY REAGAN – Works Prentiss Sheriff’s Dept. 11 years. Criminal investigator. Worked scene of Jones shooting May 11, 2010. Responded to 911 call that day. Informed that suspect was her daughter, BEcky Jones. Went into house. Jane Jones in living room floor. Observed her – condition … laying on back on floor, had gunshot to right arm and to her stomach. Saw Rebecca Jones, in back of patrol car, in custody. Points her out. (What did you do to secure scene?) Took photos, secured gun, picked up bloody clothes in floor, took gunshot residue comparisons. (At some point that day, did you confirm Becky jones in custody?) I did. (Gun?) Took it into custody – 38 pistol. Shells in gun. It was on couch, had hammer cocked.
Says sent evidence to Crime Lab for testing. (Shows him photos… he describes what scene was when he observed it that day.) Yes it is. Took photos of blood on floor. Says didn’t see any blood that indicated a struggle. (Identifies photos of Becky Jones’ car, photos taken of den.) Says didn’t see anything broken, nothing picked up from floor except clothes, shoes, blanket. About gun, says it was on couch with hammer cocked back. Way I found it. IDs photo of computer in the room. Photo of gun on couch. Photo of living room, nothing disturbed except clothing on floor. (Wise hands photos to jury.)
(Observed knocked over furniture?) No, nothing disturbed. Nothing broken. (Anything else to indicate a struggle there?) No.
(Wise hands Reagan sealed box. Reagan says gun is secure.) (Wise takes gun out of box.) Gun I found on May 11, 2010, at Jane Jones’ residence. Laying on couch with hammer cocked. Rebecca said it was hers, a 38-caliber pistol. (How does it fire?) Can pull trigger, also cock it back and pull the trigger. (Shows him something.) This is two unspent casings I took from the gun. (Two fired shells?) No, … I mean, yes, spent shells they’d been fired. I removed them. From the gun. Put shells into custody, sent to Crime Lab. Ones I processed. (State’s Exhibit 5.) (Handing him Exhibit 6. What is that?) Three unfired shells in the gun when I got it in 2010. (Found them?) Inside the gun on the couch. Same gun mentioned, 38-caliber pistol. Unfired.
(Has one fired?) Yes, ballistics test at Crime Lab, fired down there. (When you discovered them?) None fired. These are the three shells. (Hands him Exhibit 7. What is that?) Bullet found at Jones house, in a tool box in the closet. Also processed. (Hands him Exhibit 8. What is this?… it’s a large brown paper bag, Reagan opens it with gloves on. Takes out something.) Shirt Jane had on May 11, 2010. (It’s a white short-sleeve pullover.) Sent it to Crime Lab.
Interviewed Becky Jones with sheriff, another. Next day 10-11 a.m. May 12, 2010. (That day, see any scrapes on her body?) No. (See any cuts on her?) No. (See any bruises per struggle?) No. (See any other evidence on Becky Jones per struggle?) No. (Criminal charges?) Yes, charged her with murder of Jane Jones, her mother. 11:01
REAGAN – (Laher – MAY 12 STATEMENT?) YES. (Before that, discussed condition of her mother?) Yes. (Told her her mother passed?) Yes, got very emotional. She holler Oh, No! Dropped her head down, knocked over chair. Said it was OK to go ahead with interview. (She volunteered to answer questions?) Yes. (Before that, do you read their rights?) Yes. (Tell them, what you say can be used against them in court?) Yes. (She voluntarily agreed to talk?) Yes. WRitten, signed statement. (Shows him document. What is that?) Recognize it. Statement of Becky Jones, one day after this incident.
(In her statement, talking about day before?) Yes. (Wanted to learn why she was at house?) Correct. (What doing in Prentiss County?) Correct. (What she said happened?) Correct. (She answered the questions?) Yes. Statement became part of investigation. (She told you about the altercation at her mother’s house?) Yes. (Described that she was visiting there?) Yes, to see her mother. Don’t know how long she was there. (Also said she had planned a party for the next day?) What she said. (She had plans coming to Booneville for?) Correct.
(Exhibit 14 – what is that?) Photo … (See any smears in the floor, blood? You said earlier, no. What about that?) Doesn’t appear to be a smear to me. (Exhibit 20F, drops or smears?) Drops. (OK, I’m going to ask the jury to look at them. You say they are drops. I’m asking you in the photograph?) I seen drops on the floor. (According to the photos, they appear to look like a smear?) Well, I know I saw drops, not smears. (Take other photos?) Yes, I did. (Exhibit 20H. What is that?) Glass broken.. not going to speculate. could be a bullet hole. She was shot two times, could be a bullet hold. (Exhibit 20-I?) Part of a glass. (On ground?) Yes. (20-A? Front door?) Yes. I take photos of everything I view at crime scene.
(Earlier you were asked about Exhibit 7 … asked whether you recovered it?) Right. I didn’t discover it. (Esrlier you were asked under oath, did you discover that bullet?) Officer Wheeler discovered it. Called me, I went to house and got it. It was in the box. (You did not discover it?) I discovered it in the closet int he box. He told me a shot went through wall. I found it in the box. I discovered it. He said he seen hole in the wall. I followed up, through two closets. Inside a shoe box. (Where is that photo?) He showed me a few minutes ago. (You took photo … wall relatively low on ground, the hole in the wall?) Yes about 12 inches off ground. Maybe 2 feet. 2 feet. (Not 3 feet, 48 inches?) Right.
(BAck to photo of broken glass, you asked Becky about that? She said first shot was while standing up.) She did not tell me that. (Look at statement.) First shot standing up. My investigation that Becky shot her two times. (My question … statement said still standing when it went off?) Jane never said that, said daughter shot her two times. (I’m talking about what Becky told you. Her statement. You were there?) I was a witness. I read over it. JUDGE – DON’T TALK OVER EACH OTHER. (Does statement say we were standing up when the gun went off?) That’s what it says. (Photo took of outside of home with window broken on glass … that was higher than second hole on the wall?) Correct. But it didn’t reveal that a struggle took place. Revealed Becky shot her two times, Becky said she did.
(Let’s talk about your investigation. GSR was positive for both?) Yes, says she was in the environment. (Shirt says she was 9 inches away?) Uh,… OBJECT – TO THIS LINE OF QUESTIONING. SUSTAINED. (Limit to waht he observed.)
(Show me what Crime Lab about fingerprints on gun?) Didn’t ask for them. (But GSR means she’s in environment but you didn’t fingerprint the gun?) No. Yes .. I did. I investigated the case that Becky shot her mother two times, she left the scene, I got 911 recording. Mother says shot her, coming back to kill me. (Left her gun on couch?) Correct. (You said you were third or fourth officer on scene?) Yes, fourth. (Fro your investigation, you found this was shirt Mrs. Jones had on?) Yes. (IN floor?) Yes. (At time saw Mrs. Jones, recall clothing?) She didn’t have any one. Paramedics working on her. (Shirt removed?) Yes, at some point.
(Items on floor, blankets?) She told me purple one got wrapped up around her hand. Didn’t think it was relevant. He rattles through evidence again…. (Didn’t think it was important?) I wasn’t there. Didn’t know about purple blanket until the next day. (You also left red blanket in the floor?) (Said she left the scene?) She returned, mother thought she was coming back to kill her. I didn’t know what she said on 911 tapes. (You didn’t make her go back to the scene?) No. (She told you.. she went back because I didn’t do anything wrong?) That’s waht she said. She realized she left weapon behind because she shot her mother and mother called 911.
(But you’re speculting right now?) I know what Jane said. She was shot. She was begging help. She didn’t render no help to her mother. (You don’t know? You weren’t there?) No. (I know she shot her two times.) Investigation doesn’t reveal a struggle. for struggle, do I have to have a battle royal for there to be a struggle?) Yes, should have been. (Two blankets on floor, hole shot through wall. But Roy, what did you do to determine if there was a struggle?) JUDGE – MOVE ON
(Wise- who brought gun to mother’s house?) She did OBJECTION – (Did she say who pulled gun out of purse?) Rebecca Jones. (Who had it in possession before fired?) She told me she did. (After shorts fired?) She did, in statement. (Did she say why went to motehr’s house?) To Talk. (To get some things off her chest?) Correct. (Look at gun, in a safe operating condition … cock hammer?) Is this the way you found the gun May 11? Yes. (Show 2 fired?) Yes. (How you found it?) Yes. (Talking to Becky, did she say she was sorry mother died?) No. (Did she show any remorse for her mother/s death?) Only when she shouted out. (Did she do anything to help her mother that day?) No, she just left. (Investigation reveal that this was an Accident?) OBJECTION – IMPROPER – SUSTAINED.11:30
JUDGE – We’re moving ahead. Will take early lunch. Be back at 1 p.m. Out of town witnesses will be here. We’ll start about 1:15 with testimony. Reminds them not to talk about case.
• • •
10:25 POST
BOONEVILLE – Prentiss County Deputy Tammy Johnson told a jury of five men and nine women that she saw no signs of a struggle on defendant Becky Jones or in the home where Jones’ mother lay dying of a gunshot wound.
(Judge has declared a jury break. Come back for more details.)
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• • •
BOONEVILLE – Opening statements began this morning in the murder trial of Rebecca Lynn Jones.
She is accused of the May 11, 2010, murder of her mother, Jane Jones.
Judge Seth Pounds presides. Prosecutors are Josh Wise and Kimi Kitchens. Defense attorneys are Rob Laher of Tupelo and Jay Perry of Starkville.
Jury selection took place Monday.
(Below is a running account of today’s trial action. Please excuse the typos and glitches likely as I type fast.)
• • •
9:04 – Judge enters. Speaks with attorneys about proposed jury instructions.
Jones is a middle-aged woman with short blonde-tipped hair and glasses.
Pounds invites jury to the courtroom. 12 regular jurors and 2 alternates.
KITCHENS – On Jan. 1, 1964, Jane Jones gave birth to a baby girl, her first. Great visions for her. What she did not see in her eyes, was that same child would be the child – the defendant – that one day would take her life. This is a case about murder – 2 shots, defendant on May 11, 2010, pulled the trigger and shot her own mother.
Defendant took the gun into her mother’s house. The defendant’s gun. She held the gun before and after the two shots were fired. She was the one who started the argument and who pulled the gun. After she shot her mother, she ran out the door … as her mother lay dying on the floor.
Defendant never called 911. She never helped her mother. She did nothing. Nothing to help her MOTHER. These are not acts of a daughter. These are acts of a murderer.
I’m Kimi Kitchens, with Josh Wise, we are here to prove that defendant shot and killed her mama. We bear the burden of proof, beyond the reasonable doubt. WE gladly accept this burden. At conclusion, will be no reasonable doubt that she committed this murder.
This is a story of a culminating disagreement. Testimony will show defendant had issues all her life – drug problems, using and abusing different kinds, and that Jane Jones had to take necessary decisions to protect this family. Difficult, necessary. Evidence will show two decisions … because of these problems. Became necessary for defendant to sign over her property to her mother to protect it, necessary to get custody of defendant’s daughter to protect her. Not a decision she took lightly. A decision any mother would find hard to make, especially custody of the granddaughter. Chancery Court said in child’s best interests to live with her grandmama.
Obviously, these two things caused problems with relationship. defendant will place all the blame on her mother. Testimony and witnesses will say that defendant named the motive: Said my mother took my land, my child and now she’s taking my freedom. How ironic, after she killed her mother, she lays all the blame in her.
Brooke will testify that a few hours before murder, she called her mother and said you know that land you signed over, grandma is fixing to sell it. That put defendant in a rage, culmination … uncontrollable … to the point, she said she went to confront her mother about selling the land. She took the gun to confront her mother.
Testimony from law enforcement, three of them. First on scene will say defendant had run, then came back and was on phone with her boyfriend in Alabama. Not 911, not neighbor who could help. Getting help for herself. Tammy Johnson will say about last few minutes with Jane Jones, how she looked, how she got weaker and weaker. Will also tell you two people about an argument in the house. They will say no evidence of a struggle, this was murder. Also tell you that this lady did not shed a tear, never cried one drop. Her mother.
We’ll also show you.. two officers, will tell you how severe these injuries were – arm and kill shot through her stomach, killed her. They will tell you cause of death ws shot to abdoment. Doctor did autopsy… said manner of death is homicide. Also, crime lab person will tell you that this was the gun that links to the bullet, links to the shells in the gun that killed Jane Jones.
Finally, and most important, you will hear from the only other witness actually there. You will hear from Jane Jones herself. She called 911, she said exactly what happened. She said, “My daughter shot me two times. My daughter is crazy and she’s coming back.” When you hear it you will hear the terror in her voice. Scared she’s going to die, of her daughter. You will hear her pain … from knowing that her only child walked out that door, turned her back and walked out that door to let her die. Can you imagine the pain Jane Jones felt?
The home is supposed to be where the heart is, not where a heartless murder occurs. Her actions were not of a daughter unless it’s murder. We will ask you to return a verdict … guilty of the murder of her own mother. 9:22
LAHER – Good morning. You’re going to consider a lot fo evidence, about a relationship. About things on May 11, 2011 in Prentiss County. Will be about Mrs. Jones. Expect we’ll start when Becky is about 7 years old, waiting for a school bus. Her sister, Debra, was 6. Something happened. Got confused. Debra got run over. She died. When she died, it set off what I call 40 years of hell. These two women couldn’t get over it. It was a pain no parent wants to feel. Jane Jones felt it. Some people deal with pain in certain ways – talk about it, keep it bottled up, take it out on people around them. I think evidence will show that over the next 40 or so years, Jane Jones took that pain out on her daughter.
During that time, Becky dealt with the pain … through alcohol, drugs through avoiding coming to grips with what had happened. She gave custody of her daughter to her mother because in the 1980s she couldn’t take care of her. Also in ‘80s she signed over her land because she couldn’t pay the taxes.
But something happened … about four years ago, Becky had a relationship with a man, good guy. Larry introduced her to AA, and through that program she began to see all the things she’d tried to hide. No mtoher’s love, holding it all inside, it wasn’t going to work. She realized she had to let that go. She did. She also let go 40 years of bickering, fighting with her mother. Had gotten her absolutely nothing. Did nothing to cure that pain.
When she did that, something happaned … Becky stopped coming around to Mom’s. I’m going to stay in Alabama, she moved there. She still talked to her. But when things got bad, she would end conversation. When you see that day, she said we weren’t arguing. I don’t argue any more. I leave. You will learn that there was nothing about this land that she was concerned about or custody of her daughter. What she was concerned about was that her mother had gone around … cussing out, raging mad, about somebody cutting timber on the land. Going absolutely nuts. That is what she went to talk to her about. Because the people “who were stealing” were her brother-in-law, relatives. That’s what she wanted to talk to her mother about.
The day this occurred … she was in Alabama, good relationshp. She wasn’t drinking. Had learned how to deal with life and the pain of childhood. Why did she come to Mississippi that day? She was coming for a costume jewelry party with her friend. People knew she was coming. Wasn’t random. People knew. Then, she stopped to check on her mother. That was it.
But she did stop. When she did, she carried her gun into the house. Evidence – she was attacked by a man. She’s always carried a gun. Police, mother knew it. Even to the hospital when her daughter had a child. Perfectly normal for her. She went in, sat down on the couch. Mother was in a recliner. Open area and a door. They talked. At first, it was OK. Then BEcky said, I know what you’ve been doing… can’t be talking about me. Conversation went on. No real argument, then old stuff … but nothing escalated yet. They spent the time together. Jane took a phone call, sat back down.
Evidence will show …s he reached into pocket book, picked up gun, got her keys, put gun down… then mother charged at her. We don’t now why. Whatever reason, she charged her. They struggled for the gun. We expect evidence to support that position. Evidence that first shot was close-range, gunshot residue on Jane and Becky’s hands. Will show you that this was a struggle for a firearm. When it was over, Jane had been shot. Jane was not at that point as critical as she became. She called 911, Becky heard her. Becky tried to get on the line and say, no. She panicked. Put gun on couch and left.
Got a small way down the road, said wait a minute, I haven’t done anything wrong. She drives back to the house, as deputies pulled up. She’s arrested. In this case, she cooperated when they asked her. She didn’t try to hide anything. Evidence is consistent with what she said happened. It’s the total truth. She didn’t come to hurt anybody. Came to plan a party but stopped at her mother’s house. No intent ever to harm her mother. If she’d wanted to, she could have done it 10-15 years ago. She’d forgiven her mother.
Evidence will show, she didn’t murder her mother. 9:36.
• • •
JOHNSON – 9:37 – Patrol deputy with Prentiss County’s sheriff’s dept. (Talks about what she does with job.) Worked there about 11 years. In law enforcement 20 years. Working there on May 11, 2010. Out on patrol that day. Got 911 dispatch about 5:49 p.m. Told about a shooting … described car, black vehicle with Alabama tag. Didn’t know anything else about it. I was only a few miles away. Took about 3 mins to get to 439 Hwy 4 residence, Booneville. Scene of crime? OBJECTION – SUSTAINED.
Drove past, no cars in driveway. Don’t remember, No black vehicle. Turned around, and as I did, a black vehicle turned into driveway. I pulled in behind it. She was out of car, had cell phone in one hand, had something in other hand. I got out, kep thte door between us, wasn’t sure what was in left hand. Told her to put phone down. She did not, first time. SEcond time, said to put it down. She turned toward me and could see phone in other hand. She put them down. Asked her what was going on. She said argument ,struggle and gun went off. (Appearance?) Dressed neatly, appeared normal. Hair wasn’t messed up, no blood on clothes. (Photo … Exhibit 2. Who?) Becky Jones. Lady at scene that day. (Shows to jury) (Anything way Becky Jones looked that indicates she was in a struggle?) No. (How did she act?) She seemed fine. Wasn’t upset. (Not crying?) No. Not upset in any way.
(Next, situation?) Antoher officer, there. I turned her over to him. He put her in the car. I went into the house. (See woman in custody?) Identifies defendant. Did not see Jane Jones as entered. Turned to right, to den. Saw Mrs. Jones in floor next to front door. Completely on the floor. (Talked to her?) Yes. She told me her name. She said argument and then she started asking for help. All she would say. (Condition?) OBJECT – SUSTAINED ABOUT WHAT OBSERVED She appeared to be in bad shape. Had four places under her right arm, scratch at neck. she was scared, asked for help. (Condition changed?) As she started asking for help, she was kind of a white color but then turned gray within a few minutes… showed me she wa sin trouble.
(Condition of house?) It was out of order. Never said a struggle took place. (Also notice?) At one point, ambulance arrives… saw gun on couch. It was cocked. I also saw diapers on mantle, didn’t know if small child was in house. I told other officer that I was to check rest of house. (Any blood?) On floor, drops. (Anything about those indicates struggle?) Not that I know. (Who arrived?) Another deputy, others, don’t know what order. I was in the house. Ambulance came. They immediately started taking care of Mrs. Jones. Sense of urgency. They were in a hurry.
(Then?) Investigators came in. Asked … I went outside. (Did he aske dyou to take photos?) Yes. (Why?) Because her clothes were cut off, didn’t have a shirt on. Asked another woman to take photos. (Has photos … shows to witness.) 9:54
JOHNSON – (Asks about call from 911, then about client’s car pulling into driveway. Voluntarily?) Yes. (Who was it?) Didn’t now her name at that time. (Asks what her statement.) Struggle over a gun, it went off. (At that time, knew who it was?) No. What Mrs. Jones told. No one else around. (Did she say it was a wrestling match?) No, struggle for a gun. (After handcuffed Becky, another officer arrives?) Yes. (Familiar with house?) No. (Area where Mrs. Jones was found … between recliner and couch?) She was to the left of the front door. (No furniture in front of door?) No. (Saw blood on floor?) Drops of blood. (Leading from hallway toward front door?) Yes.
(Mrs. Jones on floor?) Completely lying on the floor. (Vulnerable to attack?) Yes. (If you wanted, you could have moved her?) Yes. (You said, saw gun on couch?) Yes. (When entered home you said Mrs. Jones was on phone?) Yes. 911.
(Know Becky Jones before this day?) I think we went to school together, but knowing her? No. (Before this day, ever around her?) No. (Seen her when she was out or shopping?) No. (Know how she reacts?) No. (Just what you saw of her … not knowing her?) Yes. (Opinion based on not knowing her?) Yes. (Take any photos of outside home?) No, I didn’t. Just Mrs. Jones. (Blankets on floor … when investigator came… did you cover her?) Yes. Other blankets on floor. (Recall what looked like?) Some kind of red. On floor. In back of one of the chairs. Two chairs … blanket in first chair, closest to hallway. On floor, yes. (Laher shows her red plaid blanket. Is this one on floor?) I think so. Appears to be. (Photograph it?) I didn’t. (Said nothing out of place, earlier?) Except those in floor. Nothing unusual in my house. Hadn’t been in this house before. (Was it clean?) Yes. (Blankets in floor, would be out of place?) I don’t know.
(Another blanket …?) Off second chair. (See purple blanket?) I don’t remember seeing it. (In floor?) Don’t remember it. (Shows her a photograph …asks about blanket?) Yes, sees it. It’s purple. (Did you take statements?) No. (Wouldn’t know about what Becky described?) I wouldn’t. (Gives photo to jury.) (Once investigator arrived, did you take any more statement?) Didn’t. Photos limited to Mrs. Jones. 10:12
JOHNSON – (Kitchens – shown photo. Any other indicators except blanket, signs of struggle?) No. (Kitchens shows her 4 other photos. … Look at them and tell me …) End table, blankets. What just asked about. On table by blankets, cigarettes, drink, remote. (Anything shows struggle?) No. (How house looked when came in?) Yes. (Photos of?) Den area. (Anything out of place, struggle?) No. (Another photo… where Jane Jones was?) Very close. Curio cabinet, glass front. (Anything broken? Out of place?) No. (Photo shows what?) Den scene … nothing shows struggle. (Kitchens hands photos to jury.) (Anything about defendant, whatsoever …demeanor, scratches, blood on clothes to indicate she’d been in a struggle?) No. 10:18
JUDGE – JURY BREAK TIME (Judge Pounds, an ex-smoker, termed it a “two-smoke break.”)
• • •

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