Final segment: Davis admits repeated affairs, betrayals

By Patsy R. Brumfield / Daily Journal

This computer, did it have a password?) No, don’t think so. (Laptop?) It did for corporate IT system. (It was your idea wasn’t it?) NO sir. (How long storing into in desktop computer?) Old as computer was 3-4 years. (Kind of info?) Personal, not business. (Laptop?) Had it 4 years. (Info on it?) A lot of personal, some business, Most of biz was on Oracle IT system. (Everything on desktop was personal?) yes. (Laptop, personal, business?) Yes. (If I recall you talk about another device you threw in the lake?) Called a flashdrive, store information on it. Used on laptop. (Store personal on thumbdrive?) Business. (Threw all in lake?) Yes, correct. (When?) January and first Feb. 2009. (a weekend…?) Threw them all at same time, beliebe Feb. 8. After loan agreed to. (Business info on laptop?) Emails, copy, copies of correspondence. Flashdrive, believe that was IB5 report piece that went to regulators at Antigua. (Info stored on them, said some pieces of correspondence? Emails?) Some, yes. (Docs generated for regulators?) On flash drive.
(You would still have access to that data?) At that time. (Stellmach asked you about destroying evidence?) It’s pretty soon. (Plea bargain, part of it?) Not one of the counts charged with. (Nobody said wouldn’t be charged with destroying evidence?) No sir. (Read report where you reveal it to FBI. What efforts made to reconstruct what you were trying to hide?) They made effort to retrieve it. (No, I mean, what could have been reconstructed from info on the computer? What trying to hide?) Don’t understand your question. (Said, pieces of communication on the computer?) Yes. (Receied from somewhere else?) Yes. (Sat down with FBI to decide what you were trying to hide? Did they… ) REPEAT QUESTION (Did you sit down with FBI to try to decide course …) I told them I thought where the sources came form .. .IT system at Stanford Financial. (Did they get it and asked if it was what you had?) I don’t know. (Nobody tried to find out what you were trying to hide when you threw computers in the lake?) I got a lot of questions. Don’t know if they verified what was on the computers. (Did they say they belieed you?) Don’t rmember their saying that, no. (Three years since you threw them into the lake?) Yes it has. (Nobody else has tried to hide evidence? Know that?) No sir, I don’t know that.
(Nobody said Holt did the same thing?) Don’t remember that. (Nobody asked Hey, what were yousharing that you all wanted to hide?) No. Been asked questions about what was on the media. (Only one who tried to hide evidence?) I panicked and threw them in the lake. (Described yourself as a coward? Still true?) No, don’t think so, Not anymore.
(Testified that one person involved in STanford empire was CIO, Laura Holt?) Yes sir. (Help me with this … did you tell jury that had met her?) Met her in Baldwyn MSin a college and career Bible Class. (Bible Class?) What were you doing there?) I was teaching it. (You were teaching a Bible Class?) A number of years. (How many?) Two. (Was it at your church?) Yes sir. (More than member?) No, I was a member. (Not elder?) No, not this church. (Elder, example to others.P First Baptist Church. (Teaching class with?) My wife. (In courtroom?) No sir. (Where you met Holt? She was taking that class along with others. She was 19 or 20? (Wasn’t she younger?) No sir.(How long started affair?) eight years. (How old when you hired her?) (Current wife, Mrs. Davis, is not first wife?) No. Ruth was original wife. Two children with her. (Same boys got involved?) My olderst, Zach.
(Met Lori while married to Ruth?) Yes. Lori worked at same company I did. (She wasn’t your babysitter?) She did a couple of times. (Lori when met her?) 17 when met her. Started relationship with heryears later. (Dd not break up marriage with Ruth?) No it did not, we were separated. (Met Lori, current wife, as babysitter while married to Ruth?) Met her at work. She was 17. (Started relationship with her, years later. Deceived your wife?) No, I wasn’t at home with my wife at the time. (Lied to Ruth?) No. OBJECTION
(MARRIAGE to Ruth ended. Married Lori, had two more children?) Yes sir. (Telling jury that your married to Ruth was such that she wsn’t upset with behavior) OBJECTION – SUSTAINED (Point is Mr. Davis that you’re willing to deceive and betray people, aren’t you?) NO sir. (Not willing to betray your first wife, Ruth?) Your honork this is a question that involves more than yes or no. OBJECTION – ASKED AND ANSWERED. WE’RE THERE.
(Then betrayed Lori?) Yes, I did. (Then betrayed Holt?) What? (Who is WOMAN’S NAME?) JUDGE – ASK GENERALLY (Relationship with NAME, RELATED TO SOMEONE ELSE?) Yes she is. (Betrayed everybody?) Committed adultery. /(Tamerin Lindenberg?) Outside consultant. (Relationship with her?) I did not.
(Next topic will be lengthy … ) judge – think we can adjourn
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