fishing report

1. ABERDEEN LAKE (TENN-TOM): Crappie have moved to the banks and are spawning. Both wood and grass are holding fish right now. Bigger fish are holding off the banks in slightly deeper water waiting to move up. Both jigs and minnows are catching fish. Bass are also shallow with grass holding more numbers than wood. Spinnerbaits, Flukes, horny toads and Texas-rigged lizards are all productive baits. Catfish anglers are fishing trotlines and rod-n-reels on the navigation channel and the old river runs.

2. BAY SPRINGS: Bass and crappie have moved to shallow water as the lake level has started coming up. The bass bite is good for numbers but the big bite is a little more difficult to come by. Target shallow flats and the backs of the hollows with spinnerbaits and Rat-L-Traps to catch numbers; Texas-rigged plastics and jig-n-pig combos will produce the bigger bite. Crappie are being caught as shallow as 2-3 feet; some pre-spawn fish are still deeper in 10-20 feet. The timber across from Crow’s Neck boat ramp is getting a lot of action as are the shallow fish attractors. Pre-spawn catches are still coming off the creek channels and deep brush in McDougal and Ashcraft. Catfish anglers are showing up in the canal above Crow’s Neck; most are fishing liver and nightcrawlers.

3. ELVIS PRESLEY LAKE: Crappie are coming from brushpiles and laydowns in 4-8 feet of water with the most popular bank coming between the pavilion and campground. Crappie jigs or minnows are both catching fish. Bass are in the same areas as crappie. Best baits have been shallow crankbaits and jerkbaits; Texas-rigged Senkos have also been popular. Bream anglers are tight-lining crickets and meal worms in 4-10 feet of water.

4. LAKE LAMAR BRUCE: Best bass areas have been around the fishing piers and shallow flats in 4-6 feet of water. Rat-L-Traps, beetlespins and dark-colored plastics are good bait choices. Bream are shallow with bedding activity starting to be reported. Target shallow flats and coves where bream are starting to bed with meal worms and dark-colored jigs. The fishing piers have been popular crappie areas as have the points and the mouths of the coves in 8-12 feet using green jigs or minnows.

5. LAKE MONROE: Catfish are coming from the north end of the lake and are holding around treetops, taking chicken liver. The bass are trying to bed and are holding on shoreline structure, hitting Texas-rigged lizards and brush hogs. Bream are in 3-10 feet of water, taking jigs or nightcrawlers. Crappie are scattered right now, but once located, are easily caught. Deeper brush in 8-12 feet of water has been good along with a few shoreline brushtops with deeper water nearby. Both jigs and minnows are catching fish.

6. PICKWICK LAKE/J. P. COLEMAN: Several crappie limits were caught out of Scrugg’s and Goat Island over the weekend, with a few fish out of Indian and Mills Creek. The bigger crappie are coming out of shallow water; fish 2-3 feet deep in 5-8 feet of water. Either crappie jigs or minnows are catching fish. Bass are in shallow water in the creeks and hollows, in 2-3 feet of water with spinnerbaits, flukes and Texas-rigged lizards or grubs. On deeper points and bars, use Carolina-rigged plastics and deep crankbaits.

7.TIPPAH COUNTY LAKE: Bass are starting to show up in shallow water; most are still pre-spawn and holding in deeper water off points and flats. Use Texas-rigged plastics or crankbaits. Bream are starting to show up in shallow water. Tight-lining crickets or redworms in 5-15 feet of water has been the best technique.


9. TOMBIGBEE STATE PARK: Crappie are being caught in the mouths of the coves and off the points; target brushtops in these areas with crappie jigs and small spinners. Bream have started showing up in shallow water trying to bed. Throw small jigs or crickets. Bass are shallow and some are bedding. Target any brush in the coves for best results; don’t overlook the very backs of the coves. Texas-rigged plastics and spinnerbaits are working.

10. TRACE STATE PARK: Bass are both shallow and deep (5-20 feet) and are holding on any structure such as points, brush or channels. Best baits for bass have been Texas-rigged lizards, spinnerbaits or swimbaits. Bream are in the deeper water near spawning flats and ditches in the middle of the coves. Anglers are tight-lining crickets or meal worms. Crappie are around the concrete spillway and points or coves that have brush in 4-10 feet of water. Either minnows or jigs are catching fish.

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