Floodwaters inch closer to top of Yazoo Levee

VICKSBURG — The Army Corps of Engineers says it does not expect floodwater to go over a backwater levee that officials had initially feared could be overtopped by a foot.

Some of the worst flooding is in the area from Vicksburg northeast to Yazoo City, along the Yazoo River. The Yazoo Backwater Levee north of Vicksburg connects with the main Mississippi River levee. The Corps of Engineers officials had predicted that at least a foot of water could pour over the top of the levee, flooding tens of thousands of more acres of farmland in the lower Mississippi Delta.

On Wednesday, the crest forecast for the Mississippi River at Vicksburg was lowered to 57.1 feet, still on Thursday.

Corps spokesman Wayne Stroupe says that means if water does go over the Yazoo Backwater Levee, it would be only a trickle.

Holbrook Mohr/The Associated Press

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