Former Amory elementary principal hearing continuation date set

By Monroe Journal

AMORY – The appeal hearing for former West Amory Elementary School Principal Leigh Todd will resume on Wednesday, April 27, at 8 a.m. in the school district’s central office.

The hearing is for the school board to determine whether Todd’s job will be terminated or not.

Supt. of Amory Schools Gearl Loden recommended that Todd’s job be terminated following an incident in which she made an 8-year-old student at the school stick his tongue out as a punishment. The child had been taken to Todd’s office by his teacher after sticking his tongue out in the classroom and telling his teacher to shut up and using an obscene jesture. This had been the third disciplinary problem with the student this year. The child also missed lunch that day and was tapped repeatedly with a ruler to assure that he kept his tongue out.

The appeal hearing had two days of testimony last week from the school district’s witnesses. Both Loden and Todd testified, as did several WAES teachers and other school personnel. The child’s parents also both testified on the first day of the hearing.

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