Free smoke alarms available

Special to the Chickasaw Journal
CHICKASAW COUNTY – The Mississippi Depart of Insurance and the Office of the State Fire Marshal are partnering with local county agencies to help assist residents with fire safety. A new program will supply citizens with free smoke alarms to mount in their homes.
Brad Smith, Director of the Chickasaw County Emergency Mangement Agency said that about 1,300 smoke alarms are slated to be distributed throughout the county and are free to the public.
“There is no charge for the smoke detectors,” Smith said. “The volunteer firefighters will install them annd they will be reimbursed $10 each from the state for the installation.”
The firefighters will also help families establish an escape plan for their home.
Who is eligible?
* Low income families
* Elderly
* Families with children 14 and younger
* Owner occupied homes (rental properties are not eligible)
Interested people should contact the local fire department in their area or call 662-448-1012 at 5 p.m. and leave a name, phone number and address.

Lisa Voyles

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