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From Brad Locke’s Inside Mississippi State Sports Blog – Seven-on-Seven Coach: Redmond Offered $6,000 by Booster

Will Redmond was offered $6,000 by a booster to end his recruitment and sign with Mississippi State, according to Byron De’Vinner, Redmond’s seven-on-seven coach in Nashville.

I spoke with De’Vinner this evening, and he said that the booster, Robert Denton Herring, made that offer to Redmond as well as to Sheldon Dawson, who’s now at Georgia and is also a person of interest to the NCAA. The NCAA has been investigating MSU for months in regards to the actions of Herring and former assistant coach Angelo Mirando, who resigned last month just days before this investigation came to light.

Redmond, who played high school ball at Memphis East, signed with MSU in February, but De’Vinner said he doesn’t know if Redmond took Herring’s offer. He said the only impermissible benefit he witnessed in person was the cash handshake Herring gave Redmond at the South Carolina-MSU football game last October. De’Vinner first revealed that detail and many others Tuesday on the Head to Head Radio show. Those were his first extensive public comments on the matter.

He also said Redmond received a jacket and a gift card from Herring. Outside of Dawson, De’Vinner said he wasn’t aware of Herring offering impermissible benefits to any other prospects.

“I don’t know if he offered anybody else. I haven’t seen that part of it,” he said.

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From Biz Buzz Blog – Is the Texas/City Grocery rumor true?

Glad ESPN got to the bottom of this rumor that’s been swirling for a while.

From – To say the buildup heading into Saturday’s tilt between Ole Miss and No. 14 Texas is enormous is a vast understatement. ….

One of the rumors that can be scrapped is McConaughey buying out City Grocery. Oxford chef/restaurateur John Currence said his beloved restaurant hasn’t been rented out — not even for the $250,000 that he supposedly turned down.

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