Fugitive arrested in Monroe County, Pit Bull operation found

A man arrested in connection with a Chicago shooting also had pit bulls that authorities think were used for dogfighting, authorities said Wednesday.

Working with the U.S. Marshal’s Service, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department arrested Quincy Evans at 10081 Blackjack Road without incident. Evans was charged with murder stemming from a gang-related shooting in 2005, after which he moved to Monroe County, authorities said.

Evans was found to be in possession of a SKS assault rife, 20 gauge shotgun, .410 shotgun, .357 magnum handgun and a .25 caliber handgun. The guns were reportedly found in Evans’ immediate reach during the arrest.

In addition to finding weapons, sheriff’s deputies said Evans had 13 pit bull dogs that appeared to be used in a dogfighting ring.

Also seized were treadmill devices that are used to strengthen animals that are used for fighting.

Deputies contacted the Amory Humane Society, which took custody of the animals. More arrests are expected in connecting with the dogfighting.

Evans is being held in the Monroe County jail awaiting extradition back to Illinois.

Click here for video of Sheriff Andy Hood talking about the arrest.

Jeff Clark/Monroe Journal

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