Full education funding just got a bit cheaper

Daily Journal Reports

JACKSON – Fully funding the Mississippi Adequate Education Program will get a little easier – $33.8 million easier.

The Mississippi Board of Education will meet today and lower the amount of additional money needed to fund the Adequate Education Program from $158.5 million to $124.7 million

Each year about this time, local school districts give the state Board of Education exact numbers that are used in calculating the formula. Earlier, by state law, the state Board is required to publish an estimate of how much it costs to fund the Adequate Education Program, which provides the basics of operating local school districts.

The reason for the bigger-than-usual decrease this year from estimated to actual numbers is that federal Katrina relief funds skewed the numbers, according to officials with the state Department of Education.

When those federal monies were removed from the formula, it resulted in less funds needed to fully fund the formula.


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