Fulton boosts some gas pressure

By Adam Armour | Itawamba County Times

Residences and businesses located in east Fulton are getting a bit of extra gas pressure.
The city is currently in the process of running new, larger gas lines along the north side of Highway 178 East, from Dulaney’s Grocery into the downtown Fulton area. The new line will run about a mile.
According to Fulton Mayor Paul Walker, the new line will double the amount of pressure for the area.
“This new line will help us out tremendously during the winter time,” Walker said, adding that the increased pressure should benefit the growing collection of businesses located in the downtown area.
Walker said work on the project has been going very smoothly. Currently, the project is about half finished. The mayor said work should be wrapping up by mid-to-late February.
The project is being funded in part by a $322,000 grant from the Appalachian Regional Commission. The total cost of the project is $424,000.
“We got a good deal on this project,” the mayor said, adding that the additional gas pressure should be a boon to the steadily growing portion of the city.
“Last winter, it got down to 18 or 20 pounds of pressure, and we really don’t want to ever let it get to 15 pounds or less,” Walker said. “I think this project will work out really well for us.”


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