Fulton finds 25 houses in need of cleanup or condemnation

Efforts continue to clean up a collection of dilapidated and disorderly houses scattered throughout the city of Fulton.

Fulton building inspector Shae Collum recently submitted to the Fulton board of aldermen a list of 23 houses he claims are in need of cleanup and two houses that are to be condemned.

While most of these homes are located throughout Fulton, a total of six homes are situated on Main Street, by far the most in one area.

The city has sent out letters of notification to the owners of these properties, instructing them to put their houses back in order or contact the city within two weeks. Those owners who have not complied will have their homes cleaned at their owners’ expense.

While most of the properties in question require simple fixes, such as having their yards mown or generally cleaned up, some demand a little more effort, such as removal of junk cars or bush hogging.

“Some of these houses are abandoned and some are not. Some just have a bunch of junk or old cars sitting in the yard and some just have their yards grown up,” Collum explained.

Collum claimed most of these cleanup requests are a result of simply spotting disarranged homes while traveling throughout town, but some follow complaints by neighbors who feel the homes are in poor shape.

According to Fulton Mayor Paul Walker, the city has been working diligently to try and clean up dilapidated houses throughout the area. He said its a priority for the board because abandoned and disheveled homes can be a real eyesore for the residents of the city.

“If we don’t stay on top of these dilapidated houses, they’re just going to get worse and worse,” Walker said.

The board has been tackling the issue of abandoned and disarranged homes for approximately two years. Although a list of the current properties that require clean up was made available to The Times, the board requested the properties not be published until their owners could be contacted.

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Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

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