Fulton garbage rates on rise

Prepare for some news that stinks. Fulton’s garbage rates have gone up.

Beginning this month, residential customers of Fulton’s garbage service will pay approximately 3.5 percent more than last year. Commercial customers will be paying more, too, though the pay scale fluctuates based on the number of rollout carts and frequency of pick up.

The rate increase goes into effect immediately. The Fulton Board of Aldermen voted unanimously in favor of the change in July.

According to Fulton City Clerk Lisa Russell, the increase reflects the rates being charged to the city by Asco Sanitation Inc., which handles the city’s garbage pickup. The last rate increase went into effect in July of 2010. Prior to that, the rates increased in 2008.

For single family residences and housekeeping units in apartment buildings, the rate increase means residents will be paying $12.44 each month, up from $12.02. For Fulton’s elderly apartment residents, who pay a discounted rate, the increase means they’ll be paying $6.16 each month rather than $5.95.

Things are slightly more complex for commercial customers. For customers with weekly pick up, the rate jumped from $24.52 to $25.37 for customers with one 90 gallon cart; from $39.25 to $40.61 for those with two 90 gallon carts; and from $15.90 to $16.54 to customers will light commercial carts.

For those with bi-weekly pickup, the rates jumped from $36.77 to $38.05 for single cart customers and from $56.33 to $58.29 for those with two carts.

For those commercial customers with large, front load containers, the rates vary depending on the size and number of containers. For those with two yard containers, the rate jumped from $42.90 to $44.39 for one and $83.68 to $86.66 for two.

Customers with four yard containers can expect to pay $63.41 instead of $61.28 for one container; $120.47 instead of $116.43 for two; $171.20 instead of $165.46 for three; and $228.26 instead of $220.61 for four containers.

For customers with six yard containers, the rate jumped from $91.92 to $95.11 for a single container; from $159.33 to $164.86 for two containers; from $220.61 to $228.26 for three containers; from $330.81 to $342.29 for four containers; and from $362.77 to $375.35 for five containers.

Finally, those customers with eight yard containers will pay $107.78 instead of $104.17 for a single container; $202.89 instead of $196.09 for two containers; $283.46 instead of $273.68 for three containers; $374.09 instead of $361.55 for four containers; and $462.85 instead of $447.34 for five containers.

Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

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