Fulton leaders receive pay increase

FULTON – Members of the Fulton Board of Aldermen have voted to give themselves, the mayor and city attorney pay increases.
Each of the five aldermen, Mayor Paul Walker and attorney Ray O’Neal now are receiving an additional $400 each month on their paychecks.
The increase was approved by four of the five aldermen, with Alderman Mike Nanney abstaining from voting.
According to Walker, this is the first pay increase for the Fulton alderman position since 1998. The increase brings the pay rate for the position near that of other cities of similar size, population and revenue as Fulton. Walker said the old pay rate fell far below cities with a similar budget, population and utilities customers.
The increase brings the base annual pay rate for each aldermen up to $10,825.22. In addition, aldermen are allowed to receive insurance coverage through the city, or an allowance of $3,978.52 if they have private coverage.
The mayoral position now pays a total of $49,357.88 each year, as well as the position’s insurance coverage.
The city attorney is now paid an annual salary of $15,939.82, plus additional fees for services beyond the norm, such as if the city is taken to court.
The pay increase follows a recent increase of 3 percent in the base pay for all city employees.

Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

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