Plantersville could land up to 150 new jobs

Economic NewsBy Dennis Seid

Daily Journal

PLANTERSVILLE – An Alabama-based furniture manufacturer is announcing plans today to shift its operations to Northeast Mississippi.

The company will employ 125 to 150 at a site in Plantersville, said state Rep. Steve Holland.

His wife, Gloria, is the mayor of Plantersville.

Gov. Phil Bryant and officials from the Community Development Foundation and Lee County are expected to make the announcement today at 10 a.m.

Officials with the company, whose Alabama facility burned, approached state leaders in the past year, according to Steve Holland.

“They just walked up to me one day willy-nilly and I got them in touch with the Mississippi Development Authority,” Holland said.

The company will be moving into the former Royal Product plant, a bedding manufacturer.

Holland met with company officials again at the Fall Tupelo Furniture Market last month.

“This is a big deal,” Holland said.

According to Holland, MDA will provide $1 million in incentives for the company to relocate to Plantersville.

MDA and CDF officials, per policy, do not comment on economic development projects.

The new furniture manufacturing jobs provide a little relief after news last week that Furniture Brands International has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. The company, which is the parent of Lane Furniture Industries, also notified the state it could begin layoffs of more than 1,400 workers next month.

Lane has two manufacturing plants and two other facilities in the region.

“It’s a lot better news than what Furniture Brands has had,” Holland said.

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  • The Ghost of Col. Reb

    Can I get $1 million in FREE TAXPAYER MONEY for my start-up business Rep. Holland?

  • NorthMSReb

    It is a mattress manufacturer. Their Alabama plant burned. Even though they received insurance money to rebuild, our elected Representatives (like swine feeding at the trough of MS taxpayer money) felt the need to throw $1 million at them. Ridiculous.
    Concerning Holland’s comment on Lane, they are back up and running, still contributing to the local economy.

  • Susan

    Wonderful news for those of us looking for jobs!

  • Hal Plunkett

    So, estimating an average of 30k per job by the employer (that’s not
    even including the taxes and benefits that would take that closer to
    50k) x 125 jobs… that’s 3.75 million, most of which is being put back into the local Mississippi economy every year. And we only payed 1 million in tax dollars… How is this ridiculous?

  • Winston Smith

    A million bucks to generate 125 jobs in our region is worth every penny I’d say.