Gas prices cover a wide range today

News flash: Tupelo has the highest gas prices in Northeast Mississippi. But you kinda knew that already, didn’t you?

Let’s cut to the chase: The cheapest price that we found in our survey of area gas stations is in Sherman, at $3.19. Close behind are Corinth and Fulton at $3.21

Tupelo cashes in at $3.53, though with a Kroger card, you can do better. At Sam’s it’s $3.47 if you’re a member.

Other gas prices:

  • Amory – $3.39
  • Belden – $3.39
  • Booneville – $3.25
  • New Albany – $3.27
  • Oxford – $3.45
  • Pontotoc – $.3.23
  • Ripley $3.33
  • Starkville $3.40


The lowest gas price is on the Coast in Gautier, at $3.09.

The state average is $3.33. A year ago, it was $3.59.

By the way, I drove up to Booneville this morning, and like in other cities, there’s a range of prices there, too. While $3.25 was the cheapest, it was as much as $3.39. For ethanol free gas it was $3.49.

But yeah, still less expensive than Tupelo.

Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend! Fill ‘er up and be careful!

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