‘Gator Boys’ episode filmed in Moss Point airs today


JACKSON COUNTY — The second season opener of the Animal Planet series “Gator Boys” will air Sunday at 8 p.m., and this time its base will be the Mississippi Coast.

Gator Boys Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle came to the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch in Moss Point to assist with a rescue of more than 200 alligators that were displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

In its first season, the series drew almost a million viewers as the boys wrestled and rescued alligators with their bare hands in Florida.

“While their Florida rescue location undergoes a major renovation, Paul and Jimmy lend their expertise to some Southern friends and teach Mississippians the art of gator wrestling,” a press release from Animal Planet said.

Some scenarios set for the sophomore season of “Gator Boys” include a mission to save a legendary 15-foot alligator from the swamps and bring it back to the ranch; trouble in the water between Riffle and his girlfriend, whom he persuaded to move with him to the swamplands of Mississippi; and a cast member’s run-in with an alligator in the swamp that lands him in the emergency room.

The show’s main mission is “defending blameless wildlife displaced by urban sprawl and keeping people safe.”

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