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glp, PT

Each year about this time the mail becomes inundated with spring wedding and engagement announcements. January and February are usually the only time of the year when these announcements are on the slow side, but from now until the end of the year we’re off and running.

The Journal publishes upward of 700 announcements each year. In order to handle this many we must have some policies in place in order to be fair to everyone. So, here just in time for the wedding season are some hints that will help you get your announcements published in the Daily Journal without a hitch.

– Wedding and engagement announcements placed in the Journal are just that – announcements; they are not invitations. That’s why we do not publish at the end of an announcement, “All family and friends are invited to attend,” or “the public is invited.” We will publish a line that states that no formal invitations will be sent or no invitations are being sent locally.

– Engagement announcements are due in the Journal office ONE MONTH prior to the wedding date; earlier is better. If your photographs are running late, go ahead and turn your form in on time. This allows us to reserve a spot for your announcement. THIS IS CRITICAL. Then when your photograph is ready, bring it in and we’ve already reserved a spot for you. An announcement turned in even a week late can pose problems. The same goes with wedding photographs. This announcement is due within three months after your wedding date. If your pictures aren’t going to be back within the three months, turn in your form on time. Bring the picture when it comes in.

– Just because you get your wedding announcement in within the three-month period following the wedding doesn’t mean it will run within those three months. It depends on how many announcements and engagements are ahead of yours. Engagements, which are timely, take precedence over wedding announcements. We publish wedding announcements in the order we receive them. That’s why a May wedding may appear in the paper before an April wedding.

– Who’s announcing your happy event? Usually the bride’s parents, but occasionally the groom’s family. Deceased parents cannot announce an engagement. We will be happy to list the parents as deceased, but we can’t have this person announcing the engagement.

– Many times unhappy family members call saying they were not included in the list of relatives and they’d like to have the announcement rerun. Our policy is to honor the bride’s request. If you are a family member and something needs to be corrected, the bride needs to call and tell us.

– We cannot honor publication requests for a certain date or a certain day of the week.

– We DESPERATELY need a daytime phone number and contact name for someone who can be responsible for giving us reliable information if we have a question. If you work for a business that doesn’t allow employee phone calls or messages to be left, then don’t leave us that number. If a mistake is made in your announcement and you didn’t leave a telephone number to clarify information, we can’t be held responsible for it.

– We ask you to fill out one of our forms so you will be informed about what we will include in the announcement. Different newspapers request different types of information. By filling out the Journal form you can be assured of what will be included in your announcement and won’t be disappointed when it appears in print. For example, on engagement announcements we include grandparent information. On wedding forms we do not.

Hope this information will make things a little easier for you during this busy time. Best wishes!

Beth Bunch Clements is Daily Journal lifestyle editor.

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