glp, PT; with map of wards

glp, PT; with map of wards

City plans to change garbage collection April 1

By Jane Hill

Daily Journal

AMORY – Flyers and notices will circulate in Amory in coming weeks to inform residents that garbage day will move.

In an effort to streamline operations and make the city’s sanitation department more efficient, the city is designating a new garbage collection schedule that will affect both residents and commercial business beginning April 1.

Under the new system, solid waste, including household, yard and other items, will be picked up by city wards on designated days of the week.

Dan Reese, a waste collections specialist working with cities and counties within the Three Rivers Planning and Development District, said the changes will stop the practice of waste collection trucks making runs all over the city whenever a call for service comes in.

“The original system was set up years and years ago,” Reese said. “And as it has developed, it has not made the best use of the sanitation department’s time and resources. We think this new system will simplify things and make the whole operation more efficient.”

Under the new system, the city’s residential service has been divided into four pickup days and four pickup areas based on the city’s voting wards. Ward 3 will be collected on Tuesday; Ward 4 will be collected on Wednesday; Ward 1 will be collected on Thursday and Ward 2 will be collected on Friday.

Residents are being asked to put out their household waste and their yard waste on the same day as both will be collected at the same time. However, residents are asked not to combine yard waste and household waste in the same bags or containers.

City officials are asking that residents tell their neighbors and friends about the schedule change to lessen confusion when the new system goes into effect on April Fools’ Day.

Waste should be put out for collection by 7 a.m. on the morning of the designated collection day.

Other guidelines that residents are being asked to follow include placing garbage within 5 feet of the roadway where possible, but not so close to the road that it hinders traffic.

Garbage should be bagged with bags not to contain more than 35 pounds of garbage. Waste also may be placed in containers with exterior handles. The containers may not be more than 32 gallons in volume or 60 pounds in weight.

Large items such as mattresses, sofas and chairs may be put out on the regular collection day and they will be picked up.

For the sake of efficiency, the city will not make special residential pickups. Service will be provided on the designated day only, Reese said.

Scheduling adjustments also will be made to the city’s commercial and industrial customers. While there will be no rate increase for residential pickup, some rate adjustments may occur if the cost of collecting a business’ waste exceeds the collection fee the city is now charging that particular commercial or industrial customer. Few rate adjustments are expected, Reese said.

People with questions about the new system can call the Amory sanitation department at 256-3032 or Amory Mayor Thomas Griffith’s office at 256-5635.

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