Good deals found at citywide yard sale

By Danza Johnson/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – When you think of bargain shopping, Ballard Park doesn’t really come to mind.
But thanks to Saturday’s citywide yard sale, the park became a retail spot. Several people used the event to get rid of old stuff they had just laying around the house and garage and even more used it as a low-cost shopping spree. Whether you needed cookware or baby clothes, Ballard Park was the place to get it.
“I’m glad the city decided to do this,” said Charlene Johnson. “I have yard sales at my house but it just depends on who reads the paper or who follows the arrows on my signs. But with this one people may come to look around because they know it’s here and stop by and see something they need. I hope Tupelo does more of them.”
Michelle Williams bought two purses from Sara Key’s booth at good prices, she said.
“I love yard sales,” said Johnson with a purse in both hands. “Me and my mom drive around on Saturdays and visit yard sales every weekend. I was too excited when I saw we were having a citywide yard sale. Saved me some gas money. The money I was spending on gas now I can spend on stuff.”
The citywide yard sale shared the park with the Green Festival put together by the city and the Girl Scouts. Because so many people were there to participate in the festival, the number of potential customers was increased.
“The more the merrier,” said Susan Thompson, who was getting rid of her old clothes. “I’m glad to see the park full today because I sure don’t want to take any of this stuff home. Sometimes you can sit at home all day and not sell a thing. I live on a slow street, so I don’t get people just pulling up and stopping. At least today people are stopping by my tent. All of them aren’t shopping but the more that stop, the more who’ll shop.”
Baby clothes seemed to be a popular item at the sale, so luckily for Sharon Mitchell she was able to get most of what she needed for 3-year-old daughter Chloe.
“We found her size in everything, even shoes,” said Mitchell. “Babies outgrow their clothes so fast that it gets expensive buying them. So I try to get a lot of her things from yard sales and consignment shops to cut that cost. I love the way this is done with everyone in one place. Makes my day so much easier.”
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