Google doodle balls bounce on Google home page today

By Cheryl Phillips /

The Google homepage today has Google doodle balls bouncing all over the place with another interactive doodle launched on Tuesday, September 7. Moving your mouse over the four dots or balls that sit to the right of the Google logo will get red, blue, green and yellow balls bouncing all over the page.

Once the balls settle, they form a colorful Google logo in the latest Google doodle but what does it symbolize? Google usually celebrates as their ‘birth’ in September and the 7th marks the date of their incorporation, a date that was also celebrated as their birthday until 2005. Since then, they’ve celebrated on September 27.

Most of the doodles typically celebrate various events such as holidays, birthdays of famous people, and major events, such as the Olympics. Clicking on a Google Doodle usually links to a string of Google search results about the topic.

This time, the bouncing Google doodle balls lead to nothing. Perhaps Google just needed to get their name into the top Google trends today or they are putting our brains to the test after a long holiday weekend.

The bouncing balls on the Google doodle today follow the American Flag doodle posted on Labor Day (Monday) and a tribute to the Buckyball on Saturday, September 4 that marked the discovery of this specially shaped molecule composed entirely of carbon. Google changed the second O in its logo to a manipulatable version of a buckyball.

What’s your take on the today’s Google doodle? What is the reason behind the bouncing balls on the Google home page?