Grocers rushed as shoppers stock up on goods

By Dennis Seid & Carlie Kollath/NEMS Daily Journal

Until Wednesday afternoon, Bob Knight said the anticipated rush of milk-and-bread buyers was nothing more than a trickle.
But by 4 p.m. and with snow in the forecast, everything changed.
“We had all the bread and most of the milk gone,” said Knight, owner of Todd’s Big Star in Tupelo. “And ground beef.”
At Larson’s Big Star in Oxford, owner Joe Larson said Wednesday was a busy day at his store, with shoppers “stocking up on everything.”
“The weather gets real bad and they get meat, bread and milk,” Larson said.
On Thursday, as the snow and sleet began falling harder, Knight said the stream of customers stayed steady. It slowed down a bit at Larson’s, but the owner said business was “a lot more than usual.”
But at Mitchell’s in Guntown, owner Sam Mitchell said Thursday was the “extra busy” day. He was running low on bread, until he got a new shipment.
Knight also had to restock bread and milk, and he was afraid he didn’t order enough ground beef.
“I called around, but it was in short supply,” he said. “I had to call a company in Jackson, Tenn., and all they had was frozen ground beef, but I ordered some anyway.”
The beef supply already about was 25 percent less than normal because of the holidays.
The staples were big sellers at Palmer’s in Tupelo on Wednesday and Thursday, according to owners Jason and Damon Palmer.
“People sit around and they can’t go to work so they need stuff to snack on. … We almost sold out of milk but we had a milk truck come out when we were almost empty,” Damon Palmer said. “There is no preparing for a thing like this.”
Continued Jason Palmer, “You do that, and you’ll get stuck.”

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