Group presents TPSD appreciation resolution

By Chris Kieffer/NEMS Daily Journal

TUPELO – Community members sent a resounding message on Tuesday that they appreciate the efforts of Tupelo school administrators, teachers and employees.
Parents Gina Thorderson and Lori Robertson presented the district’s school board on Tuesday with 803 signatures that she and several parents had gathered on a resolution of appreciation.
The resolution said, “We appreciate the work and time school administrators, teachers and employees dedicate to the success of students in Tupelo and pledge our continued service within the TPSD because we know as we support one another, our children are better prepared to succeed in the future.”
The resolution was distributed to each of the district’s schools, some were left on campus and some were passed around during carpool lines, Thorderson said. Signatures also were gathered at churches and businesses, and 122 signatures came from a Facebook page dedicated to the effort.
“I felt there were a lot of people in Tupelo who loved the public schools, but there was no way for them to get their voices out there,” Thorderson said. “There was nothing going on that lent them a way to get that appreciation out in the community.
“I wanted them to have a chance to say they love their schools and appreciate their schools. I know morale had been down some, and we wanted to boost morale and let them know there are a lot of community members who support them.”
During the meeting, Thorderson also announced a new partnership called “Joining Hands to Lift Students.” The idea, she said, is to join businesses, the city and schools in an effort to help schools and foster economic development.
A committee will be formed with representatives of those different groups to pool resources to aid schools.
“We want to go to the schools, find out what they need, see what we can do and divvy it up,” Thorderson said.

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