Group protests Childers’ bill that relaxes gun laws

Members of a group known as DC Vote hand-delivered letters to the offices of Rep. Travis Childers on Wednesday, asking him to drop his support of a bill that would relax gun laws in the District of Columbia.
Childers is the sponsor of H.R. 5162, known as the Second Amendment Reinforcement Act. It would, among other things, lift the District’s ban on semiautomatic weapons, allow self-defense in the home and repeal gun registration requirements.
“I’m confident that Rep. Childers would not allow Congress to interfere in the local affairs of Mississippi, and we demand that same standard applies to local governance here in Washington, D.C.,” said DC Vote Executive Director Ilir Zherka.
Childers spokeswoman Dana Edelstein said that “while constituents from north Mississippi come first and the Congressman’s office really belongs to them, our staff welcomed the group into our office and listened respectfully to each of their concerns.”

NEMS Daily Journal

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