Gum Tree elementary writing awards announced

Gum Tree elementary writing awards announced

Elementary winners for the Gum Tree writing contest are:

Kindergarten prose: First, Presley Wallace, Joyner, “My Grandmothers”; second, Mindy Dunnam, Joyner, “Higgins”; third, Jamiron Eatmon, Joyner, “Rodeo Rider”; third, Joseph Koon, Joyner, “Play Ball.”

First grade prose: First, Adam Saunders, Church Street, “My Easter”; second, Carley Walker, Joyner, “The Ice Storm”; third, Rashard Stevens, Joyner, “Untitled.”

First grade poetry: First, Wesley Marecle, TCPS, “That’s Why”; second, Amanda Williams, TCPS, “Easter Rabbit”; third, Jake Chandler, TCPS, “Spring, Spring.”

Second grade prose: First, Will Hardin Stewart, Church Street, “Mrs. Davis”; second, Zack Martin, TCPS, “The Fox Who Found Fall”; third, Marilyn Hill, Church Street, “Uncle Jim Stories.”

Second grade poetry: First, Saliah Hopkins, Rankin, “Have You Ever?”; second, Romie Wesson, TCPS, “Pretty Kite”; third, Zack McLeod, Joyner, “Summer.”

Third grade prose: First, Courtney Holliday, Joyner, “A World Back in Time”; second, Rob Mercer, TCPS, “Piney Creek Road.”

Third grade poetry: First, Lauren Bailey, Pierce Street, “Ladybug”; second, Marty Morgan, Verona, “A Cowboy’s Day”; third, John Milam, Church Street, “City Life.”

Fourth grade prose: First, Lane Turner, Saltillo, “The Red Grasshopper”; second, Lauren Oaks, Joyner, “Case No. 3 The Missing Necklace”; third, Anne Carter, Pierce Street, “The Lonely Indian.”

Fourth grade poetry: First, Allison Griswold, Joyner, “Those Bloody Hands”; second, Beth Ann Rice, Pierce Street, “Take Your Money”; third, Catherine Black, TCPS, “Queen Elizabeth’s Life.”

Fifth grade prose: First, Liz Krason, TCPS, “The Queen’s Gown”; second, Fenesha Gardner, Milam Intermediate, “My Hero”; third, Ben Horton, TCPS, “How William Became Famous.”

Fifth grade poetry: First, Natalie Thomas, King Intermediate, “The Magnolia Tree”; second, William Shafner, Saltillo, “Baseball”; third, Jeb Baker, King Intermediate, “The Sky.”

Sixth grade prose: First, Cole Frederick, King Intermediate, “The Game”; second, Jeremy Abernathy, Milam Intermediate, “Glacier Park”; third, Jessica Phillips, Verona, “Land of the Clouds.”

Sixth grade poetry: First, Jessica Kingsley, King Intermediate, “The Whale’s Tail”; second, Elizabeth Medlin, TCPS, “Battle of the Day”; third, Emily Miller, King Intermediate, “Ocean Beauty.”

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